Why you need to use corner kitchen cabinet?

If you do not want to spend a lot of time to care for the kitchen, keep in mind: on the white glossy facades of fingerprints and water droplets are practically invisible in corner kitchen cabinet .

Very beautiful and durable appearance of facades. In view of the array of veneer MDF distinguish only a professional. The main disadvantage – a fairly high price.


Chipboard or MDF with kitchen corner cabinet

Facades coated with a film can also be glossy. These headsets are less durable than high-quality MDF painted with varnish, but this is a good choice for an inexpensive small kitchen of economy class. If you like the dull facades of the film are very large selection of decors, especially wood.

Glass and aluminum profile in kitchen corner cabinet

Lifting the facades of glass in a frame made of aluminum – a very popular option, which is actively used in different models of modern small sets. Glass is different – choose to your taste. Good kitchen furniture manufacturers use safety tempered glass, laminated glass sometimes.

  • Transparent glass doors – not the best choice for a small kitchen. Few people want to see the contents of the kitchen cupboards were always in sight. Exception – if you are on the shelves of the ideal order, and all the provisions lay out in the beautiful jars, cases a container.
  • In order to select the best headset frosted translucent glass. With him your little kitchen will look lighter and airier, and the contents of the lockers will not attract attention.
  • You can order a glass facades sandblasted, if desired. Opaque and transparent areas alternate, creating a beautiful pattern.
  • Many like the kitchen with facades. So called decorative glass, painted at the factory with special enamel and varnished. He has a nice rich color (shades of the palette is wide enough), and the light plays on the beautiful facades. Facades lacquer liner obtained opaque – very convenient for the kitchen.

Furniture shutters

If you have a kitchen corner cabinet set in a modern style, furniture blinds or rolls – a good alternative to swing doors. They come to the rescue, if the kitchen has the tabs, gas risers, pipes, radiators and other obstacles that will not allow normal open normal facade. Shutters are often used in the drying dish and cover the shelves with them.


If the budget allows, be sure to get closers for facades and drawers. With them, the door will not clap, and any box, even the heaviest, will move gently and smoothly. You want to save money? Use closers only on those doors and drawers that you plan to use most often.

What are the handles are suitable for a small headset

Best in kitchen corner cabinet looks simple and laconic furniture in a contemporary style. Look for rating handles or stainless steel Handles. Be especially careful when choosing the size: large furniture handles visually heavier facades.

For glass fronts in aluminum frame profile is often used pens – they almost do not catch the eye.

A good solution for a small kitchen – combine the two types of facial accessories: a knob on the upper facades and more practical rating or staples on the bottom. If you like the perfectly smooth facades without accessories make a kitchen corner cabinet with a system of mechanical opening without handles – from depression. Very convenient solution that can be used for swing doors and for drawers.

Ratings on the small kitchen are to use if you are very important to relieve the working tabletop headset from small kitchen utensils. She will be free, while all the necessary everyday stuff will remain at hand.

Lows in this decision too. Some housewives do not like that, ladle blades always in sight. Others fear that all this will have to constantly wash utensils. In fact, if you are actively using it, it just does not have time to pick up dust and bloom.

If you made a beautiful glass in the kitchen apron, took off with a spectacular figure, close the ranking, no matter how practical it is, you probably do not want.

Many owners of small kitchens are sure to make it visually more spacious, needed small furniture, small accessories and white walls. It turns out that it is not necessary! In the arsenal of designers have a lot of tricks that make it possible to create a small kitchen design to your liking. Read top tips on design small kitchens of experienced decorators.

Design a corner kitchen cabinets- color and pictures

You want to know how professional designers to be able to use the small kitchen to the max? For the most part, due to the optical illusion – visually “stretching” the space. To do this, they have a lot of different tricks in reserve, which should take note.

By the way, the principle of less is more is very topical and in relation to the accessories. Instead of a few multi-colored decorations should limit us to two or three. On the bright walls look great bright images against a white mat – cardboard between the thin frame and the image.

Mirrors visually make the space more deeply and broadly. In addition, they reflect light well; making corner kitchen cabinets design is more comfortable. Think how you can beat them in the interior of your kitchenette? Maybe make mirrored doors in cabinets? Or hang a mirror on the wall in the original frame, echoing the suite?

Another good way to visually “raise” the ceiling – to hang a crystal chandelier (here on this page Read more post on this topic). Flashes of light in combination with mirrors transform the interior and will help him to start playing. True, the ceiling in this case should be flawless.

By the way, take note of the advice of experienced decorators. In a small space will look good transparent and shiny accessories.

In the corner kitchen sink cabinet should not put huge bouquets, and lush houseplants. It is best to restrict a simple vase with fruit or elegant orchid in a pot. Place everything you need for 5-8 square meters – not an easy task even for an experienced designer. However, professionals assert that most small-sized kitchen, you can make beautiful, practical and rational. Even if you plan to spend on the renovation of the kitchen very modest sum.

The compact kitchen design of the main task is to prioritize: how and what can be placed on the available space. Fortunately, now you can find a lot of different options for kitchen cabinets, units and work surfaces that will create a sense of space.

To the interior of your small-sized kitchen has become the most efficient, need to focus on three key areas: storage space, lighting and equipment. The main thing – to adjust each zone to your personal needs.

We offer you a compact kitchen design in a variety of styles. See photos and read the advice of the designer, which solutions are best suited for the kitchen in a small apartment.

The compact kitchen design -Option

Very good option for small-sized kitchen. Calm colors, sleek design and perfect ergonomics. Refrigerator, sink and hob are arranged on the basis of the triangle. Gypsum plasterboard partition walls separate the kitchen from the living-dining room. Due to the fact that they do not reach the ceiling, it was possible to avoid the feeling of a closed space.

This kitchen corner cabinets perfectly thought out lighting – wall cabinets with lighting, spotlights under the cabinets, and built-in lights in the drawing. It gives the kitchen a little lightness and harmony. If you are interested to learn more about the variety of fixtures and the organization of lighting in the kitchen, be sure to read this post.

Super-modern space-saving kitchen occupies minimal memory space. At the same time there could fit everything you need for cooking and eating.

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