Whitewashed Cabinets, Modern Kitchen Design

These cabinets gave a great popularity and are made of real wood; usually this is maple or oak tinted with a white stain. Extremely interesting looks bleached oak, especially if you love vintage and aged interiors, this material structure is made with patina and perfectly fits in almost every design solution.

But not everyone can afford to design the interior by the valuable species of wood. Therefore, the designers managed to combine the pleasant with the useful – beauty in high-quality and reliable substitutes. You can use cheaper variant, but not worse than natural.

If you prefer cold tones in design, pay attention to the following combinations: alpine larch and cool pastels in pink and light green shades with a barely noticeable blue tint. Accessories should be chosen in matte bronze.

Accessories should be chosen accurately, it is better not to add bright neon colors and lots of color in common. They can be of unusual forms, made of metal, ceramics or glass.

The design can be monochrome, when almost everything in the interior is subordinated to the main color and related to color shades of cold and warm temperatures. This variant is quite specific and requires high-quality finishing, furniture and accessories, using primarily natural materials.

But you can safely combine different materials, playing with textures. To make the space more vivid just fill it with live plants and interesting details — flowers, paintings, posters, textiles. The other variant – make a contrasting design, it always looks stylish and will never be unfashionable.

If you prefer the traditional version, make the upper facades more light with the help of glass. Doors with glass inserts like small windows look sophisticated. Maybe the only bright color accent will be the wall behind the cabinets; it should be red or orange – colors that stimulate an appetite.

Kitchen lighting should be traditional. It can either be used the chandelier (if the room is small), or a combination of “old” lamp in a dining area and working illumination of the cooking zone (if the kitchen has a large area).

Whitewashed kitchen cabinets are a bit more practical than the pure white, stains and smudges are not so visual, but the owners should pay constant attention to the cleanliness of the surfaces. It will help to save the look of the furniture attractive and prolong its life.

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