White Washed Cabinets – that special about them and whether they are necessary

That should be distinguished the whitewashed cabinets from the other pictures in the main gallery, there you can find some groups of antique and pure white variations. The last are the closer to the color that we call «white as snow» and whitewashed cabinets may have lots of shades.

You can see a hint of the grain on these surfaces tinted with a white stain, usually this is a real wood, and the most popular of them are oak and maple. Painted white kitchens worthy competitors for them, but if you would like to enjoy wood grain you may use this variation with the benefits of a white kitchen.

Some say the white kitchens are boring or even discouraging, in this situation whitewashed cabinets are the best solution. When we think about the wood stains or color tones there’s always lots of fashion tides that can shift each other one by one for the short period of time. But the whitewash process is never out of favor; it is practical and has been in use for centuries.

In the gallery you won’t find a great amount of the photos with the whitewashed cabinets, but all of them deserve attention. Actually the most popular variations are those with the solid white cabinets, but they need much more care and attention and not so practical.

Dust won’t be so visible on these surfaces, they are not as eye-catching, but the smudges also should be removed as soon as it possible to return the kitchen’s original appearance. Don’t forget to clean the surfaces frequently and be attentive to the details.

For those who don’t know how to mix the colors and create a harmonious space with the help of the whitewashed kitchen cabinets, there are some advices. They will be perfectly combined with the pastel and contrasting shades – pistachio, cherry, claret, emerald, turquoise, crimson and chocolate brown. But it doesn’t mean these are the only variations, these cabinets will perfectly fit to every design solution.

Put here lots of plants, other natural elements, colorful mosaic tiles on wall or floor can be a great addition. So you can use the extra decorations, bright lightning will bring more holiday and friendly atmosphere to the room. All should be simple and laconically, every detail and figure on its place. Some say it’s too ascetic, but this pure and light kitchen is the best place for inspiration and having a pleasant time here alone in peace and freedom.

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