White Kitchen Island – is that a reality?

Proper planning of the kitchen provides convenience and good mood. The option of using the island is a trendy and very functional tendency. It remains to understand how the interior of the kitchen with the island looks like, which design style to choose for this kitchen, how you can use the island itself and where to put it. The shape of the island in the kitchen and other details of white kitchen islands.

A kitchen island is very different from the usual kitchen layout. Besides furniture, there is furniture along the walls in the middle of the island. The island comes in many forms: round, square, semicircle, rectangle, oval. Which island to choose for your kitchen? The answer depends on its style. For example, country style is characterized by rectangular or square Islands and with art Nouveau — oval or an unusual shape.

When the island in the kitchen is justified?

The application of island plan review in several cases. When the kitchen area is wider than 20 m2, such a kitchen is connected with living room or you have a studio apartment. Hob, fridge, sink, oven and all necessary components can be located in the kitchen and this island will make zoning of kitchen and dining territory. The island allows you to chat with people while cooking, and not to stand with his back towards them.

Why to make white kitchen island?

Firstly, on the island you can have the hob, sink, BBQ facilities, cutting surface. The owners can choose various options of these items. An advantage of an island is a convenient approach from all sides; often they make boxes or other systems for storage on different sides of it. On one side of the island in the kitchen, you can make the bar or table — that is, to use the island as a dining area.

Where and how to place white kitchen island?

The only rule that you need to perform when planning an island – stove, sink and refrigerator should form a “work triangle”. The recommended distance between the elements is not more than 3 meters and not less than 60 cm.  Between the main unit and the island must be at least 2 m, or even two people will be uncomfortable to pass by each other. The island cooktop entails a powerful and elegant hood. The hood may be in the form of a cube, cylinder, and hemisphere. A compact freezer or fridge, dishwasher, cupboards for storing dishes accommodates perfectly under the tabletop. The simplest variant, if there is no need for communications and ventilation, is to place the island on the cutting table.

If you use island as dining table and chairs, you should apply to bar. Since the height of the island is focused on cooking that occurs while standing. The kitchen island can be transformed into the bar. It will be a good solution for the living room or studio. Young owners, who prefer to party instead of major feasts, usually choose it. The island can be on rollers that will allow you to change quickly the interior of the kitchen and fit for different needs. You can also use just a small, lightweight, compact Island that is easy to move to another place.

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