White kitchen ideas: how to make kitchen more vivid?

Bright white kitchens always looks stylish and modern. If you prefer a white kitchen we can offer you several tips how to make it more comfortable, cozier and more vivid. White kitchen ideas open for us a great variety of styles. In addition to modern classics white dishes can often be found in the interiors with hi-tech, rustic, shabby chic or Scandinavian styles.

The interior and design of a white kitchen starts from kitchen units. And first step of this – you must determine the location of kitchen furniture and appliances, for example, for making your kitchen more light and airy, you can use shelves. Those who have a lot of cookware and other kitchen items can purchase a cupboard. White kitchen cabinet with glass doors on top and closed bottom shelves instead of upper cabinets looks very unusual. In addition it is convenient. On the shelves you can place your beautiful crockery: cups, plates, bowls, and glasses.  Beautiful jars of olive oil, spices or transparent jars with cereals will find their place here. Well, if you still prefer the traditional version, make the upper facades more light with the help of glass. We remind you also that the doors with glass inserts, like small windows, look sophisticated in every interior.

Let’s go to the color palette of the kitchen

– Basic white color combines perfectly with all colors. It can be local bright colors or muted pastel shades to add to this color as a small accent. For example, a white kitchen ideas will great with blue or green apron. The trend in the combination in the kitchen is white and wood. White color blends beautifully with all shades of natural wood. In such a kitchen anyone will feel comfortable.

– As an additional color will suit black or dark grey. So, determine the color of the facades, countertops, walls, apron and the floor. Dining table, countertop and floors can be made in contrasting colors: dark wood, black, dark grey. If you want to add brightness to the kitchen, you can use any dim shade or vivid color. The interior of white kitchen will equally look well with the part of blue, green and red.

Speaking about flooring for white kitchen, first of all I would like to mention wooden floors. Wooden floors look stylish and expensive, but unfortunately, these floors require special care. A good option for interior of white kitchen floors is black self-leveling. For example, for white kitchen in a Scandinavian style checkerboard floors would suit the most of all.  Ceramic black and white tile, located in a checkerboard pattern, can be laid diagonally or in a classic option. Remember that tile has its disadvantages: the cups and plates fell from the hands, will be broken into the pieces, and the legs of the chairs will have to do a soft nozzle while moving them.

Laminate flooring of good quality is another way of nice solution, the only one that is not afraid of water and spray. The color of the laminate can be absolutely any from light wood to black lacquer, all depends on the color part and other elements of the kitchen. You can often find the wood countertop and the floor to match. There is the Scandinavian simplicity of form and color, and modern minimalism.

If to speak about ceilings and furniture in white kitchen ideas

High ceilings in the room create a feeling of spaciousness. A small wooden table with a black top looks great with kitchen set made of wood and white plastic. The bright kitchen chrome surfaces look great, especially in combination with wood or black elements. Sink and additional lockers can be located on the island, but undoubtedly, the main elements of such a kitchen can be steel hood and flooring.

The most popular kitchen design — corner. Corner white kitchen look airy and big due to the light color.  The location of kitchen furniture along the window allows you to save kitchen space.  Another embodiment of placement of kitchen furniture — Breakfast bar. Design white kitchen with Breakfast bar pictured above draws its cabinets with glass doors and bright green details.


Color in a white kitchen can always be added with textiles, vibrant paintings or plants. The kitchen interior white color look good furniture from willow or rattan, wicker baskets, or boxes, wooden bowls and cutting boards. In the interior of kitchen furniture made of bent wooden rods looks fine.

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