White Kitchen Designs – how to choose a white kitchen and whether it suits you ?

Two sacred words for planning a white kitchen designs are the ergonomics and constructivism. The interiors, executed in these styles, and under the influence of this trend, are not necessarily with lots of details, but they are focused on beneficial use of every square inch, including the space on the walls.

The most important rule for a successful white kitchen design and planning of a small kitchen is a very high degree of accuracy! There is no to clutter! From this “disaster” will not save any kitchen 15-20 meters, no built-in appliances or modular kitchen. The demolition of the walls will not help. The first thing to do before creating the project is to make a list of unnecessary things and bravely bear them in the trash, put away the eternal deposits of cooking pots and utensils, packages, and cleaning.

Visual way to enhance the interior in white kitchen designs

“Chip” – plan for such kitchens is another color. You must use eye-pleasing colors that are not visually reduce the kitchen, but rather give to it more light and space. These “extenders” can be:

  • light colors and pastel shades on the walls. Don’t forget that the furniture should be light, despite the fact that it will demand a lot of care. Peach and pastel shades will also solve your problem, also ochre will look appropriate.
  • avoid bright colors, juicy shades and large figures. Even if they look so attractive, this recipe is not for small kitchens.
  • do not use a lot of decor! Small rooms even in white color will be “lost” in heavy drapes, blinds, paintings and vases. Get these luxuries into your living room or bedroom. There they will be much more appropriate, and by the way will remain clean longer.
  • +1 visual principle is a complete symmetry. This “trick” will allow you to create the feeling of “linearity” of space. Finally, avoid looming pieces of furniture; try to choose tables and surfaces of maximally simple forms. In addition, for small layouts don’t really fit the rounded corners of cupboards, corner shelves — they conceal the space and don’t “let” to breathe freely. Flowing lines and curves are only appropriate in the design of bar counters or it is necessary to fit in your kitchen your washing machine.

The options for the use of lighting to expand space in the white kitchen designs can be completely different. Designers suggest you to stop on the direct lighting, on the use of a large number of spotlights “warm” shades. “Cold” shades will transform your kitchen in a hospital room. Well, one large chandelier exactly in the center also would look very cool; however, it is worth remembering that it should not hang down to the middle of the kitchen. It is not only uncomfortable, but also will “eat” up your space. Properly hung chandelier distract attention from the small size of your kitchen, and spotlights make from a simple design – very comfortable working atmosphere.

The last tip that designers give for small spaces even in white colors is appropriately selected table. It should not be a “transformer”, not a standard table with four legs.  If you don’t choose the bar, with divisions for storing food and dishes right in it, also relevant are the location of the hooks for any kitchen needs then ask for a help a specialist. You can put such a table in a kitchen, but if that is not possible, try not to make it like an “island”. You need to put it closer to the wall and not face sideways. Instead of chairs better to buy a stool and hide them under the table during the day.

Contemporary interiors and designs make it easy create a cozy and functional kitchen, even if the number of meters stead fastly against such changes. The important thing is to follow the basic rules of interior design and do not “clutter» little workspace. I hope from this article you can understand that small square footage, the very little space for work — is not a sentence. What is more important to be creative and bold.

Don’t let your willing and ideas live in another shelf this time. Create a small, but very cozy world in white colors for your family and yourself. Make your wish come true with our ideas for white kitchen designs; use another colors, build-in furniture and other useful staff!


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