White Kitchen Cabinets – Traditional Kitchen Design

White or off-white kitchens are very popular nowadays; it may be called classics that never will be dated. There’s the proper antique style that is typical for this style, but we’ll speak only about the traditional solutions.

When we think about the white color there are such associations as simplicity, cleanliness – this is what you can find in lots of American houses and country kitchens. This color also symbolized innocence, truth and justice – there are the most pleasant and good things. White is a cold color – snow and winter are the main associations.

If you want to make the white kitchen not so classical, just use the bright accents and different textures. It will be more cheery, there’s always the risk to make it boring – like at the hospital.

It’s a neutral color that plays better with the other contrasting shades. Different color tones and wood stains may be in trend, but the white kitchen that is designed with a good taste won’t go out of favor. Monochromatic color schemes are always the best decision, but the bright accents are also welcomed.

The design solutions are very different; you can make it more transitional or contemporary by adding the proper traits. So the chosen style can be timeless as trendy and traditional design will get a new and more daring reading.

The choice of decorations is very rich – you may use the textile (curtains, the upholstery on the furniture, the tablecloth), the houseplants, interesting lamps and apron at the gas cooker. Such a kitchen requires a special degree of care and attention – every little smudge or stain is eye-catching, so you should take this into account before choosing the final design solution.

Think about the re-painting, this possibility will help you in the future to maintain the pristine appearance of the kitchen. Most designers prefer the easy in use materials that can be simply cleaned, so pay special attention to this aspect and you won’t have troubles.

The lightning is also important; it can be bright and make the interior more solemn and festal. But you also need to have the opportunity to make it more intimate depending on the situation. The white is the best choice for the color combining; it’s like a blank sheet on which you can paint whatever you want. So this will be the spacious and friendly place for everyone, because the day starts from the kitchen.

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