White Kitchen Cabinets, Modern Kitchen Design

The modern white kitchens are clean and simple; it concerns all the details and used materials. We know that color tones and wood stains have a tendency to change, but this design solution is really timeless. In the gallery you’ll find lots of photos, and that’s not only the monochromic ideas.

At the same time despite all the good qualities of white, the kitchen designed in this color is quite a bold decision. But, if you choose it in properly selected interior, white kitchen will always delight and inspire, and this will be every day.

The white kitchen cabinets will be the best decoration of your home just in case you will be able to keep it in perfect cleanliness. If you live in the house with small children or pets that will constantly smudge the surfaces of the furniture, then it’s not a good idea. In other situations, the furniture of this color is recommended to use.

A good combination is white furniture with finishing of similar color. To diversify the interior help the accessories made of glass, metal or wood, as well as contrasting inclusions. The finishing can be done in brown, gray, black colors. Dining table with top made of glass will fit perfectly. As a furniture decoration is often used a mirrored inlay. Facades are better glossy. Combination of white kitchen cabinets with white countertop looks very interesting.

White is easily combined with other colors, so it is important to consider the particular location of the kitchen, its size and the desired effect. If the kitchen is small-sized, match it with the cool colors: gray, blue, green. This will allow you to “push” the walls visually, make the room more spacious. If the space allows and your dream is a cozy kitchen, then choose for finish warm colors: brown, yellow, red.

To maintain sterility of a white kitchen, adding color is a challenge, but there’s the solution: as a bright accent floor is used, for example, pouring with blue cement. Spectacular black and white kitchen never loses its favor, and it is very practical – black color can be used to finish the most soiled surfaces, used in the cooking process.

To avoid monotony choose the combination of glossy and matt surfaces, smooth and embossed textures, especially interesting are the patterned facades. A good solution for white kitchens – buy kitchen cabinets with practical contrasting dark bottom and white top, that looks weightless and does not overload the space.

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