White kitchen cabinets: how to realize this design?

White kitchen cabinets are aristocratically refined, stylish, elegant, festive, but terribly impractical. White color in the kitchen interior is relevant only when it is the impeccably clean! If you can hardly be called “a neat freak” and cleaning is not included in the list of your favorite pastimes, it is better to opt for a less easily soiled colors. After deciding to make a bet on white, do not be lazy to pay proper attention to the selection of materials, which should be easy to wash and have dirt-repellent properties – this will greatly facilitate the care of your Snowwhite.

White color also is the perfect solution for a small kitchen. This shade visually expands the space and gives a feeling of freedom, which is so difficult to achieve in a small apartment. White kitchen becomes light and airy.

White kitchen cabinets in trend design mixes

  •  Some of the most stylish designers are making a bet on the kitchen in black and white.  If the interior is done only white color, then it will quickly get bored and the room will begin to resemble a laboratory or hospital room. So that another color is a strict need!
  •  If you need to diversify the interior in a white kitchen, you should use smooth, matte, glossy and relief materials in the decoration of the apron (wall panel), the walls of the kitchen space, floor and ceiling.
  •  You can combine white kitchen cabinets with tiles and wallpaper with imitation of stone, wood, leather, etc., use natural and floral motifs. To make the room warmer, you can mix white color with brown. The brown color might be on a shelf, countertop, and floor. On the wall you can apply the wallpaper for painting, cleaning wallpaper paste, put ceramic tiles or decorative plaster.
  •  Make the interior more luxurious will help of tile wedge color. The kitchen can be decorated with decorative glass panels, print or tiles-mosaics.
  •  If you do not want to make the room pure white, milk, cream and other shades of that color can be used wherever you want. You can add to the interior mother-of-pearl, pearl and silver shades.
  •  Walls can be painted in bright and warm colors: green, blue, and indigo, orange, red. The floor should be covered more practical, so that use laminate, ceramic tile or porcelain tile etc. Popular white kitchen garniture are often used in combination with black, red, brown, orange, green. The complementary color is used to liven up the kitchen, to make it more fun.
  •  The highlight of the room can become bright elements of furniture, kitchen towels, tablecloth, bright dishes, pictures, curtains and so on.

Ways of decoration in white kitchen cabinets

Pure white kitchen, without a doubt, is insanely good, but sometimes it is not enough for a holiday. This problem is particularly important in cold winter, when you want more vivid colors in all spheres of life. Decorate a white kitchen will help some techniques and bold striking details:

  •  One way to diversify the interior of white kitchen are decorative stickers on the walls and furniture. You can also draw different motifs using pencils for decoration, hang colorful paintings, decorative plates on the wall.
  •  To fresh up the kitchen, made in white, can help greens, flowers pots. Pots and pots of lush green or bright flowering plants can be put on the floor, on the window or on the kitchen table.
  •  Spring / summer bright white curtains for kitchen or fabric roller blinds or Roman blinds will add a good mood.
  •  Even more bold option is to replace home appliances for bright and color – refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave etc. Modern colored appliances in different designs will make the kitchen more attractive.
  •  Place the chairs of bright red, yellow or green, made from translucent plastic. In combination with white or a glass table they will look great.

Don’t forget that the excess of white color in kitchen design, can play a cruel joke. Brand plain white kitchen would look too boring, faceless and sterile. Plain interior, which lacks vivid details and accents looks very sad.

So the ideal variant for such a design – is a mix with bright colors, new furniture made from plastic, lots of decorations and glass details. Make your design as you wish, but don’t forget about comfort of other members in your family!

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