White kitchen as one of the options for interior design

White kitchen is not a practical option but incredibly luxurious one. The kitchen in white will be both bright and neutral. Such kitchen looks fresh, relaxed and harmonious. White walls, ceiling and floor in light tones is very good for small-sized kitchen. White color visually expands the space and adds lightness and airiness to it. White has always been in favor with the decorators – is the perfect backdrop for any color. Snow-white background “collects” the interior together and combines a variety of parts into a harmonious whole. White has always been in favor with the decorators. This is the perfect backdrop for any other color. Snow-white background “collects” the interior together combining a variety of parts into a harmonious whole.

However, an excess of white color in the interior can be very treacherous. Too many white surfaces can lead to the fact that the kitchen will seem faceless and sterile. Monotone interior without bright accents may easily become too dull. Though, total white in the kitchen design will be an absolute necessity if the other rooms of an apartment or house are bright, eye-catching and multi-color. In this case the kitchen that is furnished with white furniture becomes a zone of rest and relaxation. In addition the monochrome interior will give your eyes rest and relieve you of color fatigue.

white kitchen

Everyone knows that the white color has many shades. Exactly thanks to them the monochrome interior can be made more vivid and expressive. Ivory color, milky, creamy – all these shades of white are ideal for large surfaces. Silver, the pearlescent and pearl shades will look very elegant in the interior white kitchen and dining room.

Painted kitchens in white can be diversified by playing with different textures those can be glossy and matte, smooth and convex ones. Wallpapers and tiles that mimic different materials such as cloth, leather, wood, and stone give very interesting effects. White kitchen furniture blends perfectly with the natural wood of both dark and light shades. Honey and sunny shades of the wood or light laminate will make white interior warmer, softer and more comfortable. Wooden elements in wenge color will give the space more brightness and dramatism that will make kitchen looks very impressive. Countertops those are made from dark natural or artificial stone look great on a white kitchen.

white kitchen

Apron for a bright white kitchen from the textured tiles will be the main emphasis and the best decoration. Kitchen apron from the tiles of different colors and patterns which has been laid in a patchwork technique will also look quite stylish.

Classic white kitchen is the facades from natural wood or MDF, countertops made of marble, granite or imitating it artificial stone, decorative curtain rods and figured handles from the “old” metal “stained” wood and artificial aging, antique decor and patina, original stained glass windows on the glass inserts and elegant accessories. The modern version of the stylish white kitchen is an industrial style or high-tech one. These are the laconic forms and clean lines, perfectly smooth facades without handles, stainless steel, glossy plastic, tempered glass, built-in appliances and minimum of accessories. In any case the kitchen in white color can be extremely comfortable and relevant to any interior design.

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