White cabinets – white purity, beauty and nobility

White cabinets of kitchen are now at the top of popularity among the designers around the world. They are stylish and live, do not irritate the eye and are the perfect backdrop for original decor and modern technology, look great in the interior of any style. About the role of white in design small apartments we told that it totally changes the spae, makes it wider and more “airy”, at least fro the point of view of visual effects. So if you are the owner of a small kitchen, pay special attention to shades of white when choosing facades, and your kitchen will look much more spacious.

Many people who want to buy a kitchen in white, are given a logical question: — won’t this kitchen look dull and sterile? — wouldn’t it be a whole weekend to spend with a rag in his hand, in order to maintain a decent view of her new white kitchen? We say no, the last is not a true. Modern materials will help you, but there is no matter, that white cabinets of the kitchen need more attention. And the first problem you will solve with the help of bright accents!

Bright accents in white kitchen design

If you wish to avoid the effect of sterility on your white kitchen, you shouldn’t overcome bright accents. This classic effective method perfectly works in any white spaces. Even if you chose white facades, apron, tabletop, and walls, add bright tableware, tablecloth, napkins, curtains and your kitchen will come alive! Go for colored decoration, for example, to Westwing, EnjoyMe or InLavka. There are a lot of interesting stuff for the interior. Alternative example — bright home appliances. For example, so beloved by many designers fun refrigerator by company Smeg.

Wood perfectly complements the white interior in many different situations. Shelves, countertop, cabinets with wood texture will perfectly diluted white color.  first glance, the sterile picture with white furniture and floors, steel counters and appliances. However, as enliven the interior of the wooden legs of chairs, tray, utensils!

Do not be afraid of bright colors! Because in the kitchen we meet a new day, drinking a cup of coffee before leaving the house. Ewe hope you remember that in general, the whole day depends on which mood you’ll be able to get up with this morning. Create a positive attitude — add yellow, orange, fuchsia colourin the interior of your kitchen. Just a couple of yellow accents — and how positive is the interior of a classic white kitchen? Just imagine this lemon shdes! Another great colour solution are combinations of white with shades of green (olive, light green, the color of the grass or avocado) — fresh harmonious combination, inspired by nature itself.

If snow-white is not your fairytale, note the warmer shades: milk, cream, pearl, champagne or ivory. In such a kitchen is so simple to experiment with the decor. Add to the interior of a modern white  cabinets of a kitchen classic crystal chandelier, industrial chairs, ethnic elements. Kitchen interior in eclectic style will not seem boring! Never!

How to care for a white kitchen?

Many of us try to overcome white when choosing a kitchen furniture, explaining that on white it is visible contamination, and cleanup time will grow up  to hours and hours. However, in practice it turns out that a white kitchen requires a little maintenance, it is only necessary to remove stains immediately after they appear. Forget to remove the dirt eats onto the surface of the facades, and to restore the original appearance will become much more difficult. Cleaning of white cabinets of a kitchen you can do with a soft microfiber cloth with liquid detergent. For glazed facades will perfectly fit a special cloth and liquid for washing windows — they do not leave streaks. The big mistake to abandon white kitchen in view of its impracticality in favor of dark-colored furniture (especially glossy). Judge for yourself what a kitchen will require more care? The most practical are matte smooth facades without panels. Paneled kitchen, of course, requires more careful maintenance — surfaces should be regularly wiped off dust to keep the original look. But how fine is such a kitchen! Such great beauty is worth your time.

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