Wall colors for kitchen

Many people believe that the tile is the most successful material for the walls in the kitchen because the other ones quickly lose their appeal when exposed to high temperatures and moisture. This opinion has been irrelevant for a long time as the modern manufacturers produce many other finishing materials which feel themselves good in harsh kitchen`s environment. So there are some examples with pictures of kitchens walls those will help you to make choice.

Perhaps the easiest way to clean up the kitchen walls is to paint them. Latex paint will be the best option for this purpose. This type of coverage does not cause allergies, is odorless, dries quickly and, what is the most important, it is extremely resistant to moisture. Some experts recommend the use the high-gloss paint in the kitchen. It is easier to clean out such a surface from the inevitable stains. But matte finishing also has its own privilege. They help to hide minor irregularities on the walls. So you need to choose the texture of the paint depending on your specific needs. Importantly, do not forget to close working area above the stove and sink by the kitchen apron.

Decorate the walls in the kitchen with plaster relief is another interesting option. It is worth just to pics of kitchens with such walls and you immediately realize how beautiful it is. Like matte paint, it helps to hide minor surface defects. In addition a qualified builder will easily inflict the pattern you like on the kitchen wall. The obvious advantage of decorative plaster is that it is difficult to scratch it. After dyeing resistant coating is formed on a wall surface. There are two main types of decorative plaster: dry mixture and acrylic composition. The first will cost is much cheaper but it dries for a long time. Acrylic coating will dry for a week.

Tile is still one of the most popular materials for finishing of the kitchen walls. If you have small apartments choose the small glossy ceramic tiles. It will not visually conceal the space. Large glazed tile is appropriate for bigger rooms. Tile in a patchwork style is suitable for designing of limited spaces, for example, of the kitchen apron. There are a lot of kitchens pictures with such wall furnishing. You can easily choose one the most appropriate for you.

Do not be afraid to use wallpaper in the kitchen. Some collections are produced specifically for this room. Choosing the wallpaper for kitchen pay attention to packaging: they should be cleaning and fire resistance. Vinyl wallpapers are the best for kitchen design, but you can use even paper ones if they are impregnated with a water-repellent mixture. If you are bored with typical “kitchen” wallpapers with cups and spoons on them pay attention to the bright colors, unusual prints and large pictures. Decorated the walls with wallpaper with big flowers you get a trendy kitchen interior. In addition and technique is equally appropriate in small and spacious apartment.

Wall colors for kitchen

Concrete is very warm and resistant to temperature changes material. This material can make the kitchen so comfortable that you will not want to go out of it. Many people think that the concrete is appropriate in the interiors made in the loft style but it is not so. Bold experiments with concrete in classical and eclectic apartments provide spectacular results. Another option is wall panels. These are patterned or solid boards with which the kitchen`s walls are covered. The choice of material for the panels depends only on your preferences. Thus after looking at photos of kitchens wall`s furnishing you can pick the most suitable variant for your home.

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