Using prefab kitchen cabinets in studio

The surface of the walls of the kitchen studio is decorated in very bright colors, as is often the area, even increased still it is not big enough. Bright paint decorated wall can expand the space and make the room as comfortable as possible.

When finishing the floor is possible to use a variety of modern materials, it is better if the cooking zone will be tiled with ceramic floor tiles. All the rest of the space is finished with quality modern material – laminate.


Important! It is not recommended to lay carpet in the kitchen studio, which is characterized by that quickly absorbs odors.

The choice of furniture and accessories of prefab kitchen cabinets

One of the main key points that determine just how effective is the overall design of the kitchen studio is the choice and acquisition of furniture and kitchen sets for the living room.

Many are now the determining factor in the choice of furniture is its cost. Although it is recommended to rely on many other parameters or on the following features of such premises as the living room and kitchen:

  • The ideal layout of the kitchen space is the single-row angular or furniture. This makes it possible to save a large amount of free space, as well as enough space for all necessary work in the kitchen will be provided.
  • In place of distinction and a kitchen room, a living room, you can set the table or the bar. It is also a good option compact kitchen island can be used for differentiation. The only rule is not placed on the stove or sinks it.
  • It is desirable that the appearance of the headset in its style in harmony with the furniture items, located in the rest of the studio. The ideal option would be to select a headset that is present in the collection of one particular manufacturer.

Accessories used in the living room and the kitchen should be designed in a particular concept. So it is possible to avoid such adverse effects as cluttering the entire room.

Plan your budget – it’s not just a simple calculation of numbers. Before proceeding directly to the calculation, conduct research. You need to study the market – visit showrooms and trade shows, read specialized magazines and online resources. Make a list of desired changes, and then turn it into a “real list”, adding to the price of each item.

Good idea – make a plan A and a plan B for all items (appliances, countertops, tiles, etc.). If you have a list of alternatives, the designer will be able to add or remove any items to the entire list fit your budget. A flexible approach with respect to the final decisions will allow you not to get lost and can easily be reconstructed, if your costs suddenly increase (for example, will have to replace spoiled timber or wiring).

Engage in a preliminary study. The more detailed study you spend, the less likely it is that you change your original decision. The decisions taken at the last minute can significantly increase the cost of repairs.

In most cases, changes in the choice of materials and finishes are the cause of exceeding the budget (unless it is caused by unforeseen problems with construction work, plumbing or electrical wiring). These costs are mainly controlled by the owner of the house. Note: design changes made to the last moment or part design project at the beginning of reconstruction – the guarantee exceeding the planned budget.

Repairing with prefab kitchen cabinets

For example, if you originally ordered furniture in polished maple, and at the last moment decided that the furniture should be made of bleached oak, your costs rise sharply. The same thing happens if you order 8 drawers in the “island” instead of 2 boxes that were originally planned, or if you decide to build in adjustable spotlights in the bottom of the hanging cabinets instead of installing a simple LED strip.

Do not put off a decision on the design of the kitchen apron at the last moment. Tile also requires attention. It should be defined in advance to its size, design and material, because all this will affect the cost of its installation.

Define limits. How much can you really spend in the kitchen? You can make a list of desired changes, but you need to discuss directly with your contractor, so he can plan the work in accordance with your budget. You should have an idea on what to spend your money – then you can make the right plan. Depending on the scale of your repairs, you can select from 6 to 10 per cent of the value of your home for the best return on investment. If the house is worth $ 1 million, and you invest $ 50 000 in the kitchen, maybe this will not be enough. On the other hand, if you spend 60,000 dollars on a kitchen in a house worth 300 000 dollars, you do it only for the soul – you do not return the money when selling a home.

Expect the unexpected. You never know what will show up during construction. Houses built in the 70s of the twentieth century and earlier, may contain lead or asbestos. Analysis and disposal of these materials will cost you a tidy sum. In homes built over 50 years ago, you may need to replace the wiring to withstand the load provided by the modern kitchen appliances and fixtures. Plan 10-20 percent to unforeseen circumstances, a replacement of something or other “surprises”. Repairs prefab kitchen cabinets will cost more than you think. And, therefore, it will not cost less than experts say. When you try to make your kitchen more comfortable and useful, you need to use all the advises of this article.

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