Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets, Modern Kitchen Design

The use of the two main tones in the kitchen design is a favorite solution among the professionals. It may be used only in the central part – an island, or complement all the parts, even be seen only like an accent.

This solution provides an incredible space for imagination and allows you to give the room a fresh and special look. The combination of different colors is perfect for those people who prefer innovations and variety. It’s a trend for several last years and this probably won’t change.

This method of kitchen design is especially popular for small spaces, because a good game of properly selected colors visually increases the useful area and refreshes it.

Using of the contrasting colors needs to be very careful. If you incorrectly choose a combination, then the design will not be exactly you wanted. The combination of some shades can make the interior aggressive or even ugly. Choosing the colors, observe the so-called subordination. The most popular of them are orange with blue; yellow with purple; peach with blue; pink and green.

The bottom should be made in dark shades and top – in light. You can see on the photo examples and the designer will help you make the right choice. Quite interesting option is the black bottom and red top, especially for the extravagant people.

Kitchen furniture, in which there is interaction of white and purple color, looks impressive, such as white color in combination with purple or plum shade. But you need to keep in mind that the walls should be decorated in neutral tones.

A brighter room will be made by red and yellow colors, but should not be too saturated because it may cause psychological discomfort. In this case it is better to use muted shades. Gentle and cozy kitchen will be in neutral shades of olive and blue.

For those who love creative solutions and bold experiments will be suitable kitchen sets, combining colors like white and wine. One of the most popular and original variants for the kitchen is lemon and chocolate.

The fronts of the kitchen cabinets should be better done in a minimalist style. They will create a state of peace and does not detract from the recreation area.

If you’ve decided to make a two-tone kitchen, then you can deal with the problem of what color to choose. You can use the formula: white plus your favorite color. In any case, the combination will be successful.

Don’t forget about the cleaning, but the recommendations are common, because the frequency of it depends on the materials and colors of the surfaces you’ll choose.

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