Tips using kitchen sink cabinet and other objects

Most objects can be successfully “hide” in the kitchen headset with narrow recessed ovens, dishwashers. Instead, the furnace can be purchased hob, and under it to organize a drawer for storage of kitchen utensils.

The microwave oven can be mounted on special brackets, mounted on the wall.


The refrigerator should be narrow, but high enough to accommodate all the food. Also on sale there and built a small fridge. If the refrigerator is great, and the kitchen dining area is planned, it is expedient to remove the corridor or adjacent to the kitchen of the apartment.

Stretching is important to take a small size, and on top of it you can put a cabinet or brackets to the microwave.

Small appliances have to be based on the frequency of use: what is used most often must be close at hand – on the lower shelves or on the counter or in special drawers.

You can in the door of kitchen units to build in a small flat screen TV. The main thing to choose a comfortable place that would be adjacent the door handle is not injured screen.

Enhances the functionality.

Rating, located along the apron – a good option for storing kitchen appliances. Its disadvantage is the same: all the kitchen equipment is in sight.

Choose a color of kitchen sink cabinets

When you create an interior small kitchen should be guided by a simple principle: light colors increase the space, and the dark – conceal. The kitchen should be as many bright colors combined with bright or dark accents. The best colors for small kitchen units are: white, beige, vanilla, light wood, light blue.

The color scheme should not be colorful, Stand 2-3 colors and combine them.

It looks good combination of white, beige and black, with a predominance of light colors. You can use bright colors, combined with a neutral shade. If the kitchen bright wall coverings, the headsets can be bright red in color with a gray top, rich blue, accompanied by bright colors, grass-green and other colors.

You need to choose the color of the headset based on the color of the walls, floor and ceiling. For example the color of the wallpaper should be of the same tone as the headset. A countertop can be made in color flooring kitchen. In narrow small kitchen is not desirable to use a headset with a pattern of horizontal stripes – it visually pull the kitchen. But allow vertical stripes make the room more harmonious.

Tip: do not use in the kitchen, only a white color or a room becomes uncomfortable. Add some bright aspects, at least one picture on the wall – it will revitalize small kitchen.


And finally, some tips:

  • In small rooms, avoid installing the furniture of unusual shape, three-dimensional structures – they give the kitchen cumbersome. Slightly rounded corners of the headset can be – it will add a bit of free space.
  • If you choose a corner suite, in a corner position the sink, so as not to clutter the work surface.
  • To increase the working surface is suitable worktop.
  • Use organizers for drawers – they create order.
  • Use the window sill, if it is wide, for cutting products.

Sometimes in a small corner kitchen sink cabinet it is advisable to do a little bar – it will be used as an additional work surface or as a dining table and in her corner can be arranged revolving rack with shelves or baskets.

When choosing a facade and countertops headset stop for glossy surfaces – they reflect light, making the room visually more spacious.

The facades of the headset in a small kitchen should not be blind and closed – their complementary glass inserts, but frosted glass, so as not to be seen cooking utensils.

Make a functional and comfortable can be any kitchen, even a small area. Important role in creating the interior plays correctly selected kitchen set. A diversity of materials, equipment and pleasant things in the market is now so great that it is a sin not to take advantage. It remains only to dream, and then to turn ideas into reality.

To create the kitchen of your dreams, enough to dramatically change color, because the correct color palette for kitchen facilities – this is the first step to comfort, comfort and practicality. With color, you can instantly transform the room: to make it more spacious and fresh.

Not so important color as the effect that it produces. When planning the interior of a great kitchen, many designers rely on the fact that it is capable of color “change” the space, make the room more or less, to create a warm atmosphere, express or appetite to repel or even spoil the picture.

With even minimal knowledge about the influence of color on mood, you can create a unique and unique interior.

Color – a great way too inexpensively and tasteful cuisine to change the most original way and here’s why:

  • Any color visually expands or narrows the space. Owners of small kitchens using bright colors can make a room visually more spacious kitchen. The large kitchen is transformed into a cozy room, thanks to the dark shades.
  • Color affects mood. Bright colors – a great charge of activity and cheerfulness in the morning. Additionally, bright colors cause appetite. Tranquil shades suppress the desire to eat and thus cherish figure.
  • Natural colors have beneficial effects and improve creativity. In this kitchen would be nice to spend the evening a large company.
  • Different colors create vitality or a predetermined depth.

As a result, from a simple food can make a space where you can have fun, so the positive elements in its design it is important to instill in the form of color.

Tip: especially for kitchens designers recommend the use of “Edible Flowers” (orange, cherry, pistachio, chocolate, etc.).

Kitchen sink with cabinet color can tell a lot about its owner:

  • red, black and gray often chosen by people who prefer an active lifestyle;
  • pink, purple and green prefer creative people;
  • brown and white like people who appreciate comfort;
  • Yellow, orange and other bright colors prefer families with children.

The kitchen, decorated in the correct color, will give inspiration, charged with vital energy, and perhaps will change lives for the better.

Tip: Do not settle for one color: 2-3 contrasting color schemes in a room further ennoble the kitchen.

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