The most popular options for kitchen lighting fixtures: 8 Ideas

The main secret of the correct lighting fixtures placement is the making of the multi-level lighting which means that in its necessary to establish the separate lighting sources in an every kitchen zone to make cooking a safety and joyful process. So the planning of the kitchen should approach the well-spreaded light and this is exactly what we are planning to learn today.

First of all, if you want to choose and establish the lighting fixtures in a right way, you should conduct the calculation of the kitchen consider the color shades and the parameters of the style while decorating.


The variants of the lighting fixtures

There is such a mess of the variants that you can use not just for the lighting of the kitchen zone, but also to make the unforgettable style and the intensity of the lighting. So here we come to conclusion that to light the kitchen we can use the different lighting fixtures as following:

  • The incandescent lamps – this king of lamps are really long lasting ones, it has a lighting pressure change control and moreover doesn’t make the blinking while working
  • The fluorescent lamps – it smoothly dissipates the lighting, has a huge life time and able to imitate the different shades of lighting.
  • The Led lighting systems – they are really economical, have the unlimited lifetime and can be used as a sticky tape with the diodes on it (which is the easiest way to establish the lighting).

The kitchen ceiling lighting fixtures varieties.

The top ceiling lighting in the kitchen should be smoothly divided on the kitchen working zone and dissipated on the interior elements. In this case the embed LEDs system is gonna be the best solution you can find because it perfectly matches with the suspended ceilings and the lighting panels.

Choosing the lighting fixtures for the kitchens with the painted ceilings you should pay your attention on the rectangle shaped constructions with the embed LEDs tape.

To evenly light the whole kitchen with the smooth dividing of the lighting you can surely use the strip made of the translucent material and fixed in the ceiling hole.

To diversify the kitchen interior you can establish the turnable lighting fixtures that have the fastener made of the movable kronshteyns that you fix under the bottoms of kitchen cabinets. This type of lighting fixtures is providing you with the opportunity of controlling the brightness of the lighting making it more or less intensive, more smooth or more bright. To complete it you can also establish few little LEDs of soffits inside the kitchen cabinets to make the kitchen exploitation as comfortable as it only can be. This variants is really perfect for high-tech kitchens .

How to choose the right type of the kitchen lighting fixture

First of all you need to decide why do you need this lighting fixture: or its gonna be used for the main lighting, or maybe you need to backlight some kitchen cabinets or the decor elements. In the first case for sure you gonna need the ceiling chandelier. For the local backlighting you can choose the bras, some lighting spots or the lighting tubes. The main idea is that you need to understand what and how you want to light.

The second thing you should not ignore is the energy savings. In this case the best choice is the LEDs systems. It’s not such a secret for a long time already. Nowadays we have two types of its lighting fixtures: the first one is a lighting fixture with the lighting device that can be changed and the second one is where the lamp is already a lighting source so here the problem is gonna be that when it’s dead you can just put it to a trash bin.

And the last thing is the comfort of the controlling because for sure you don’t want to run to each of the lighting fixtures to switch it off or on. So for this most of them are featured with the distance controlling or the sensor switches that are almost invisible because most of the time they are established on the surface of the lighting fixture.

The big area kitchens

The kitchen with a big area and separated to the smaller working zones should be equally lighted by the lighting fixtures. But also there can be used the different types of the LEDs that has a possibility to turn to any direction you want. In this case the kitchen zones should be composed from the top ceiling lighting which dissipate the light on the special parts in the evenings. To additionally backlight the special parts you can establish the track lighting fixtures or the pendant lights that are gonna brightly light all the necessary parts. For saving the electricity it’s better to use the lighting fixtures which can be switched on separately if needed or just to use as much LEDs as you can as they are the most economical type of lighting.

The small area kitchens

For the small kitchen it’s better to use two types of lighting: or the dotted track lighting which is fixed on a  flexible kronshteyn or a pantograph-arm which makes it easy to move it from part of the kitchen to another and the dotted ones like, let’s say, embed into the line LEDs established under the mounted mezzanines. The higher the kitchen ceilings are the more long the lighting fixtures wires can be. Perfectly it should be placed the level more up then the top edge of the kitchen mezzanine so the devices won’t make the kitchen cabinet’s door opening difficult. For the kitchen with the low ceiling the best variant is the establishing of a line lighting with the embed LEDs. You can also establish the lighting  devices with the moving kronshteyns which are gonna be perfect for the backlighting of the dark parts of the kitchen.

The lighting of the working zone in the kitchen

The main lighting source should produce enough lighting to smoothly cover the main part of the working zone. For the backlighting of some special parts you should use the local lighting fixtures that can be easily established between the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling or even inside of the kitchen cabinet. The hided lighting elements perfectly fit the kitchens where the tabletop is always busy with some cooking devises or other stuff laying on it.

To make the special atmosphere you can complete the decor of the kitchen with some bras that perfectly fit with in the color and style. But if the kitchen space is free from the furniture and the kitchen cabinets then you can use the lighting fixtures with the autonomous operation saving the electricity, but lighting the whole kitchen perimeter.

The lighting above the dining zone

This kind of lighting should be maximum comfortable and warm because this is the place you spend at least 40% of your eternal time in. Here you meet with your family after a day full of work, wake up in the morning drinking a cup of tea and reading the book or meet your friends on the weekend. So it’s really important to have here as cosy atmosphere as it’s only possible and make sure that the light doesn’t blind you too dark so you need to strain your eyes. In a daytime you can simply control lighting in a dining zone by opening or closing the drapes or the jalousie, but in the evening for you will surely need the source of  a candlelight. You can establish any king of the lighting you want above the kitchen table, you can choose the different colors and types of it. The LEDs, pendant lighting fixtures that are fitted on the ceiling and have the special mechanism to change the length has the most emphasizing style. The lamps can be done from the dull or the colorful glass with the inclusions of mosaic pieces that is surely gonna become the uniq designer solution and will make the special design atmosphere.

If the kitchen table is placed close to the wall than you can light is with bra or a pantograph lamp which are same good as for the backlighting of the main dining part as for the working parts of the kitchen.

The lighting of the kitchen – living room

In the modern kitchens you have way enough space make the most cosy atmosphere as you can only imagine with the most fitting lighting source. The huge kitchen areas need the really careful approach to the lighting process which can be established on the ceilings and the walls.

If you have a cooker in the middle of the kitchen then you can establish this part with the cooker hood with the embed LEDs. In this case tit will totally complete the general lighting of the whole kitchen. If you don’t have one then you can put the additional lighting by establishing the LEDs on the regulatory consoles.

The surface of the kitchen lighting fixtures should not go out of the frames of the working zone and should not cross the center of the tabletop. The light produced by the track turnable lighting fixtures shouldn’t reflect in the eyes. So based on this conclusion we can say that the dissipating lampshade is the best choice in this case.

The special construction of the separated diods is also a really well-known solution that most of the designers use because it’s one the most popular way to establish the light is a really smooth way. The construction actually looks like the evening backlighting of some special parts of the kitchen.

In the working zone of the kitchen where you spend time cooking, cutting the food and washing the dishes you will need the more intensive source of lighting where LEDs technology can be also really useful as it’s pretty bright and can be as waterproof as you can need only next to the swimming pool.

And in the dining zone the light should be the most soft and warm, also should not effect the vision.

Establishing the well-made lighting fixtures you can not only turn the cooking process into the most joyful process, but also make an amazing design and style that is gonna amaze all your guests and make the lighting comfortable not just in a day time, but in a nighttime as well.

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