The most beautiful kitchens

Each person has his own idea of a luxurious house and its interior. Everyone can see some overall concept of the building and basically can describe it but when it comes to the kitchen many people simply fall into a stupor. Too large range of furniture, household appliances and utensils makes people confused and ask help from the professional designers those would find the optimal solution of such a concern. That is why this article will describe the most beautiful and award winning kitchens.

Futuristic kitchen comes first. This example of the kitchen was designed by Pininfarina. The modern trend of metallization of everything that occurs everywhere here was taken as a stylistic basis. Metallized furniture, cabinets, racks and other elements as if are conducting a fine line between the aircraft and the lives of people. Most of the items are made from recycled sheets of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel. The project was called “Acropolis”. It has a large sink, four-burner electric stove, stylized holders for knives and plenty of space. Designers have also made this kitchen department a multifunctional one. “Acropolis” has a control panel for audio and visual components of the house.

The most beautiful kitchens

Minimalist kitchen goes further. It can be seen in beautiful kitchens magazines. It is designed by designer Amy Finley, who made this minimalistic design exclusively in accordance with her requirements. There is nothing extra because it was made for her five children and weekly dinners with grandparents. Granite cold is diluted with heated floors, and stainless steel sheets on the walls are complemented by the same designer bulk metal chandelier with warm light. Due to engineering calculations this kitchen has plenty of natural light and the chandelier that distributes and repulsives the light from metal sheets and that is installed along the perimeter of the second half of the kitchens is used here on cloudy days.

Rustic kitchen stands further in the queue. Arrangement of the country house is a very complicated process. Many people do not want to see any technological additions where should be only the natural nature with the same materials. The most beautiful kitchens can also be made from simple elements. This project is such an example. The main emphasis here is put on the cedar tree whose branches serve as a place for light bulbs. Electrical outlets and additional panels pop out of the granite when you press a special button. The natural fireplace also is placed here.

The most beautiful kitchens

The following discussion focuses on the modern kitchen. Built-in facilities are the priority moment for this example. In fact the design can be divided into two separate areas. The first has a programmable guard that changes the color of the light at the request of the owner. Two washing machines, a lot of all kinds of shelves with cutlery and a device that performs the role of a trash compactor are located inside this department. The second part of the kitchen is reserved for the other block that serves as the bar and the cooker. It is equipped with five-burned electric stove, oven, and multiple drawers for storing all sorts of tools and utensils. The lighting system over the kitchen is computerized and the owner can independently adjust it from the laptop. Audio and video inserts also have their place, whereby the owner can watch movies or listen to music while cooking.

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