The main features of the kitchens in British style

English kitchen is full of paradoxes. Traditional in appearance it hides different modern technologies in its depths; the hosts can cook and receive guests rarely but there are dozens of shelves and drawers, racks and hangers for all occasions placed its cabinets. Many people do not remember about the traditions of a five-hour tea but there is a huge plate with a pair of oven and lots of burners one of which is reserved for the kettle.

When the British cooking is difficult to call a model of high art, the designer kitchens UK are the example of good traditional and a true conservative. Kitchen in the English style is gaining fans of referring to the past and of the game where the history is reconstructed. The interior of such a kitchen is not evident with extravagant shape or coloring. English style in the interior of the kitchen assumes the dignity of another kind. The British people like everything “real”, made of natural materials. This is strong furniture from solid wood with carved elements, stone and wooden countertops, ceramic sinks, radiant cast handles and a good cookware made of porcelain and silver. Such a kitchen can be safely bequeathed because these materials are long-lived and aging beautifully.


The kitchen in the English style is conservative. Natural materials are in favor here and the furniture is made on the conscience with using of the manual labor. Typically interior of the kitchen in English style is built on the principles of symmetry. Island residents also like to cook at home on the “island”, on a large table in the center of the kitchen with shelf hanging over it. In general the design of the kitchen in English style does not tolerate crowding. There is no space saving and the equipment is not squeezed in size. Ceramic sink, oven and the extractor clearly have XXL size. Large buffet with lots of drawers, lockers of different sizes, open shelves for household porcelain and silver, stands for bottles and spices, massive table are the main typical “characters” of the kitchen environment here. Cooker is given the special place in the kitchen in English. As a rule it is freestanding with multiple ovens and half dozen of burners. And the large hood is hanging over it.


Kitchen design in English style is inconceivable without accessories. The set of necessary and not very necessary details is stored on shelves and supports here. These are brought back from travels jars with spices, vases and candlesticks, beautiful ceramic plates, sauce and milk jugs, plates for cutting products, antique brass and copper trinkets, family porcelain and collection of teapots. Oak, pine and mahogany both in the usual and aged form with simulated trace bugs and cracks are used for cabinets. Kitchen in English style is usually performed in the “natural” color of wood or offered with facades painted in cream, milk, and mustard, blue, gray and green shades. And the walls in designer kitchens London is more like in a living room.

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