The main characteristics of the Italian designer kitchens

It is believed that the Italians are the founders of design and aggregators of new design ideas. They always succeed in the fashion world. But in the world of furniture, they deserve a lot of praise. Italy represents ordinary things in a new way while calling them innovative ones. It has reached up even the kitchens.

All kitchens those are manufactured by the Italians in the last few years are combined by common features. One might even say that the new design solutions are a modification of the old ones, which were analyzed, designed and thought out with the addition of modern technologies. Thus Italian designer kitchens are made with the using of the new materials made of glass and aluminum, new textures and gloss paints. But rectangular geometric shapes those are typical for the Italian kitchens still cannot be changed. Popular Italian factories «Toncelli» and «Composit» use extremely durable, versatile and strict steel.

Speaking about fashion trends of Italian kitchens it is noteworthy that it now light oak is used instead of the dark wenge. The color scheme of glossy facades is also changing. Bright red, yellow and blue colors now are replaced with more leisurely ones (coffee, olive and lavender). Today minimalist direction uses more ascetic practices. For example, there is a replacement of the handle by the buttons on the boxes and the drawers are used for easy access.

In addition there are also different original experiments with new materials. For example, the company «Minotti Cucine» not the first year produced kitchens with worktops and countertops those are made of granite and marble, which by itself causes great difficulties while installing and caring for them. However, what a pleasure you get when your house is a real stone age. Granite and marble give the kitchen more grandeur, firmness and urbanism.

Company «Strato» provides an interesting option for kitchens. It produces kitchens made of titanium, which are associated with the spacecrafts. And many people like such an unusual style. Undoubtedly such kitchens remind us kitchens from the future. In fact a lot of people tend to follow new trends in fashion.

Heirloom Italian design kitchens also proved themselves in the global market. Massive tables, set of cabinets and shelves, clogged with kitchen utensils, traditional decorations and patterns suggest to the idea that this kitchen is full of life of the housewives that is always happy to receive guests and hungry children. Interesting thing is that it is very difficult to refrain from the cooking in the traditional kitchen. This is a special design idea! Company «Francesco Molon» is well known manufacturer of such kitchens. Its design is extremely actual for present connoisseurs of the house and vintage in it. Here you can meet the facades from natural wood, antique carvings on wood, gold-plated fine pens, etc. Thereby there is no doubt that the Italians have made a great contribution to the development of kitchen design.

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