The Latest Trend of Colors for Modern and Cozy Kitchens

In order to discover hot and new interior fashion crazes, let’s refer to the expert’s opinion. Kitchen is the best place for the whole family and close friends to come together, communicate, have some meals and relax. That’s why it should be vivid, invigorating and light. According to Leatrice Eiseman, an American color guru, the kitchen hues are to be matching and mixing to create favorable atmosphere, stimulate the appetite and inspire to new achievements.

She is one of the heads of the well-known Pantone Color Institute that forecasts hues trends and study their influence on the people, for example, their mood, goods promotion, productivity.

Add Brightness

There are a lot of black, white and silver neutral surfaces within the kitchen. The household appliances take a lot of place and it may be depressive. That’s why the wall space that is obviously limited has to be accentuated by a splash of bold and vivid colors. This idea belongs to a talented and very popular designer Jamie Drake. He is the author of the impressive and useful book “New American Glamour”. Additionally, he is famous for creating home interiors for Madonna and multiple amazing Manhattan apartments.

In return Becky Spak, a designer and Director for Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams adds that bold hues such as ginger, gold, Aztec clay, copper and henna perfectly complement silver or grey background. They are so popular and match the environment better than dark and dull tones.

Jamie explains that vivid hues are to catch attention of the visitors, showing up in the most unforeseen places. For example, a stainless steel sink can be decorated by orange or red countertop, while the tiles might be of chartreuse or hot pink tone, accentuating natural beauty of dark brown wooden cabinets.

Warm and Pleasant Colors

Subtle hues are also beautiful. They are preferable to create cozy atmosphere of the hearthside, comfortable and friendly. Apricot, red, yellow tints increase appetite and promote conversation and optimism. According to Leatrice, they are commonly used in kitchen designs because of comforting and calming psychological effect. However, according to the color expert opinion, the novelty is in the color pairing and putting together. A real artist can make it in inventive, innovative way.

For instance, she suggests combinations of tapenade green and strawberry ice. These natural rustic colors can help in creating of vibrant and positive atmosphere, breaking the mould of traditional country designs.

Jarrett Hedbord, an outstanding interior designer, on the contrary, prefers relaxed and subdued tropical tones such as tobacco brown, silver-blue or gray-green. He creates bright, charming and luxury commercial and residential interiors, using natural soft fabrics and expressive textures like rattan and grass cloth. The expert considers that this background adds depth and beauty to the apartments. Jarrett also emphasizes that he always studies and takes into account fancy, preferences and tastes of the clients regardless of the fact if they are as famous and illustrious as Bette Midler or Anjelica Huston or just common people.

General market situation also contributes its share. A worldwide nonprofit association “The Color Marketing Group” that engages more than a thousand talented professional designers is always in the swim. According to the organization, now India comes to the fore, drawing attention to its calming yellows and oranges. While red is still popular following Beijing Olympic Games of 2008.

Which tones are recommended to avoid in kitchen decoration? Jarrett advices to stay away from combinations and hues used to create commercial atmosphere. They are common in retail outlets and restaurants and can be used as a negative example. Nowadays color schemes and clichés like Terracotta or Tuscan are considered to be outdated and archaic.

New Fresh Palettes

Pantone Institute has recently announced eight innovative spectrums that represent old favorite and modern unexpected colors. The most amazing of them that are recommended to create a splash of vivid colors in the kitchen are:

  • Agrestic;
  • Savories;
  • Ethnic Chic.

These contemporary innovative styles of hues are designed to comfort people, pamper them by luxury tones, distract from dullness and routine, create warm homish atmosphere. Thus agrestic is a combination of tender greens, golden yellows and bruschetta browns with some unexpected bright pink accents. It is great for contemporary premises in rustic style. Savory palette incorporates eccentric and vigorous daiquiri green and chocolate with some sprinkles of vibrant tints that remind jaded family members about the magnificence of delicious food. Finally, the sophisticated Ethnic Chic matches bold purple, yellow, grey, dark brown and orange. These exotic colorways are special and unaccustomed, but still pleasant and amazing.

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