The kitchen in burgundy color: rules of designing and planning

Burgundy color has long been considered as a sign of luxury and sophistication. Very often it has been used for decoration of rich houses and royal chambers. Today, designers often use this color in a variety of interiors: from the classic to hi-tech one. Burgundy color enjoys the special attention in the design of a kitchen, where it starts playing with new shades, making the room more stylish. You once can look at such kitchens ideas pictures and you will and you will fall in love with this color.

Burgundy color can be safely used for kitchen design, because it has a number of advantages:

  • adds to the interior more comfort, conviviality and charges it with energy;
  • according to chromo therapist burgundy and its shades help to relax and calm down;
  • this shade is very practical and it is a significant advantage for such room as kitchen.

Despite the special status of burgundy its saturation and brightness it is surprisingly easy and harmoniously fit into any style. Modern version of burgundy kitchen can be found in hundreds of apartments of ordinary townsfolk. For example there are a lot of kitchens photos in this color made in the classic style. Matte maroon facades made of wood or MDF diluted with saturated shade is ideal here. Straightforward and functional minimalism tends to mixing of luxury burgundy and shining metal. Diluted with gold leaf or expensive incrustation wine color will be gorgeous decision in the kitchen in the style of Art Deco. Modern hi-tech easily accepts glossy cherry facades, supplementing them with brilliance steel appliances and glass. Modest Provence or country style can also become a haven for exquisite carmine color. Here you can meet casually painted facades, trim tiles and matching décor. All this creates an unforgettable flavor.


Burgundy is rather versatile because it is one of the key shades of red. The palette of semitones of burgundy color will amaze the layman. It can be from wine color to the color of rich cherry from red-brown to the carmine one. And all these colors certainly require the competent framing. Exactly in combination with contrasting color shows special beauty of burgundy, its elegance and sophistication. For the correct planning the kitchen in such color it will be useful to look at different kitchens designs pictures. Mixture of burgundy and light neutral shade (white, cream, gray) is considered as a classic combination.


Bright and juicy contrast of white and burgundy kitchen highlights the depth and richness of this color, while the beige or milk soothes a riot of bright colors and allows creating a calm and warm interior. Steel and gray colors should be used cautiously. This neighborhood requires the intervention of bright or light colors, which can cause maroon-gray combination sparkling with new colors.


Kitchen in burgundy tones should look harmonious and stylish. For that you should consider finishing facilities very carefully. As white color is the best friend for burgundy so the using of it in the finishing of the floor, walls and ceiling will be an acceptable solution for the kitchen. Floor on the burgundy kitchen can be the tiled one. It can be white, black tile or even checkerboard pattern. Parquet or laminate, repeating texture of wooden boards, also will fit well in a warm and cozy interior of the kitchen in the wine tones. It preferably to do Walls in the neutral and light tones. Do not overload the interior with patterned wallpapers. So burgundy kitchen is an ideal variant for bold and purposeful natures those are not afraid experiments.

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