The design of kitchen with your own hands

Kitchen`s planning is very responsible task because the ideal kitchen should be functional, comfortable, spacious and always pleasing the eye. To begin to you should think about functionality and it requires understanding of how much you will cook whether you need the area eating, and so on. Someone cooks rarely and it is mostly sandwiches (students, bachelors and people are not burdened with a family). In this case a large kitchen is inappropriate. Refrigerator, small sink, cooking surface on 2-3 burners, space for appliances and small working surface will be sufficient.

But design house kitchens for the family require great efforts. If you intend to cook for the whole family you need to consider carefully every corner of kitchen in terms of functionality and convenience. It is necessary to observe the sequence of work areas in the kitchen. This is refrigerator, sink and stove. Such a scenario we follow when cooking. First we extract products then we wash and process them and then began to cook. The distance between these key points should not exceed 1.2 m.

Planning a kitchen island it is important to bear in mind that if there is a sink on it cutting surface and cooker must be here too. Otherwise, there are chances that after washing and cutting of the meat you will have to turn around and take the meat board to the cooker. It is inevitably a messy and slippery floor. That is why it is so useful to look are different model kitchens before planning your one. Make a list of the necessary built-in appliances and small household, which partially will be on the table, partially will be removed in the cabinets. So you will understand how much space is left for utensils and food storing.

Kitchen accessories and utensils should be stored next to the place of their use. It is conveniently to store cereals and canned goods in drawered baskets. Think carefully about the place for double boiler. It is preferably to put it under the hood because the steam from it can damage the body and facades of mounted modules. Cooker hoods can be 60 and 90 inches wide. Handles on kitchen furniture must open and close modules in a convenient way. They should not cling to clothes and slip if your hands are wet. Designing a kitchen it is important to take into account the growth of the people who will prepare the food. The standard height of the countertops is 85 inches but it can be adjusted for individual features.

Having dealt with the placement of kitchen units, of plumbing and appliances you should think about the style in which you would like to make your kitchen. Design kitchen in classic style is somewhat different from designing kitchen in a modern style. This applies particularly to the upper modules. Here, for example, kitchen symbolizes wealth and financial opportunities in Feng Shui. It expresses the connection that supports our physical strength. The kitchen is connected with the fire, which traditionally is the activating force of prosperity and wealth in the house. It should be warm, clean, bright and full of fresh air. Nothing should interfere with the free flow of Qi. Natural light, healthy living plants, the use of bright and cheerful colors in interior design are welcomed here.

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