The characteristics of german kitchen design

What can we say about German kitchens? German factories have always been known for their great quality and functionality. The style of German kitchens is more rigorous and businesslike. It did not like the Italian “expressionism”, which displays in the kitchen design all the emotions and feelings. All the German accessories are clearly established, durable and reliable. The weight of the kitchen is considerably greater and the color scheme is poorer.

The company Bulthaup undoubtedly established itself in sphere of manufacturing of German designer kitchens. As its designers and planners are saying they “create the architecture of the kitchen». It means that everything is designed to trifles. Frameworks for such kitchens cabinets are mostly made of steel and more rarely of wood. This style is taken on the account for future projects by the young developers considering it as a classic one. The Germans unlike the Italians do not like unnecessary ornaments, patterns and drawings because each piece of kitchen furniture is already a kind of decoration due to its functions.

german kitchen design

German interior designs of kitchens are very different from such pretentious and admired directions as the empire or the classic style. For the Germans it is important not the opinion of others about their house but the compliance with their own ideas about what is a convenience, rationality and practicality. Therefore, the kitchen that is performed in this style is furnished and decorated quite restrained, looking spotless and looks very fresh, has a very comfortable and uncluttered layout. It is decorated in bright colors that enhance the space and full of fresh flowers. Here you will meet with smooth, glossy surfaces of regular shape. Each item must be in its place. It should be easy to reach out to him.

There is no place of luxury, but there are the following required attributes:

  • attention to the details;
  • the high quality materials;
  • an ideal order;
  • modern technical equipment.

Practical and very simple decoration is an obvious advantage of German designer kitchens. Thus dark wood, laminate or gloss ceramic tile is used for finishing the floor. Large, wide windows with wooden or plastic frames are present here. Light walls should be covered with colored wallpaper or painted with paint. If to talk about the ceiling designs for kitchens here you will meet with the white ceiling with dark beams or suspended structures in the form of shelves.

german kitchen design


It is important to follow strictly the proportions of the room to enlarge it visually due to the correct finishing of a free space. That is why the windows in this kitchen shouldn’t be very small and curtained densely. Also there is no need to “burden” the interior with arches, cornices, moldings, partitions and other decorative elements. All these are superfluous. A German-style kitchen should be of strictly correct form. It is worth to choose a simple but very high quality and expressive set for “German” kitchen. The lines should be clear and direct. The facade should be glossy, without paintings, carvings and inlays.

Several large scattered sources of light and a lot of spotlights are usually installed to illuminate the kitchen space at night. Chandeliers should not be too heavy and made of crystal or twisted forged parts. Conventional glass plafonds are the real classic of the German style. German style in kitchen design something is similar to the contemporary one. But at the same time it has its own national highlights which make the interior very comfortable and extremely practical.

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