Tendency in 2015: must-have in modern kitchen design

At all times, the kitchen had to have a different maximum functionality. 2015 hasn’t brought changes in this aspect. Modern manufacturers mostly put a lot of effort to implement the most practical projects. The external decorative furniture quality also have considerable weight when choosing the right furniture for the kitchen.

General trends

The main criterias for purchasing still are:

  • material;
  • color;
  • size;
  • accessories;
  • style;
  • price.

Kitchen in classic style is still one of main trends in design. These kitchens are distinguished by natural materials and colors. Pastel colors and soft lines are perfectly suited for rooms of any shape and size. 2015 year trend advices to combine with such furniture  the mosaic on the floor and lots of light.

The second most common style of modern kitchen design is hi-tech. The kitchen, designed in this style, is made from glass, metal and plastic. This style is characterized by a large number of storage and built-in appliances. This direction is successfully implementing the main trend for kitchen cabinets 2015 – maximum simplicity and practicality. Ergonomic shape and functional lamps will underline the main advantages of such a design.

Actual characteristics of the elements of kitchen furniture 2015

The new developments in the field of furniture for the kitchen have been already demonstrated at specialized exhibitions of manufacturers this year. In addition to classic shapes and time-tested styles a buyer can purchase and design new and unusual built-in furniture.

The use of clear geometric lines and shapes allows you to create a strict construction of the correct form. The cubes and rectangles of bright colors look really impressive at each kitchen. Concise version assumes the maximum simplification of the structure. Trends of  2015 eliminate the use of stained glass, decorative columns, cornices and other accessories.

The ease of use concealed behind the massive facades became really important in modern kitchen design. All storage systems, shelves and drawers became available due to the mechanisms for opening. In addition to closed storage systems the common element of modern kitchen design are steel open shelves.

Optimization of premises allowed making spacing and combination of every kitchen with a living room, dining room or hallway. The main possibility for this is allowed by creation of modern hoods.  All these factors left an imprint on the formation of new peculiarities in the structure of the kitchen furniture. For example, some sections in the case of kitchen cabinets can serve as individual pieces of furniture. This way you can create the desired comfort condition with real space saving.

The futuristic style continues to be on the top of the popularity in modern kitchen design, along with trend of straight lines and geometric forms. Additionally, the use of 3D panels to create three-dimensional drawings on the constructions of the furniture will allow making not just a furniture, but a unique work of art.

Color variety allows you to choose a suitable option to every consumer. In 2015 bright kitchen cabinets with wooden inserts will be actual on the top: for example, facades of pastel tones combined with juicy splashes of bright colors. As the decoration the materials  close to natural texture and shades are used in modern design. The most popular imitations are:

  • marble;
  • natural stone;
  • limestone;
  • concrete;
  • pebbles and others.

A variety of bar counters and worktops in the design will make efficient use of every corner of this cuisine. Thin and light countertops will become fashionable. The bar will be a popular item more than one year. Perform of it can be made in different colors and from different materials. Finish reliance and also a large assortment.

Accessories for the kitchen next year may also vary. Simple chrome handles can be replaced with refined copper products, which are no longer simply functional items, but art objects that deserve special attention. In addition to modern designs it is possible to built kitchen without handles. Features of the structure of the furniture will allow you to use this furniture without them, while maintaining a general trend of maximum simplicity and ergonomics.

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