Spaces and tables in distressed kitchen cabinets

It should be noted that an excellent solution as a table and chairs in the room will certainly products of mahogany handmade. It is a kind of chic, but, nevertheless, they are more to help make the interior simply superb.


Consider the main types of kitchen spaces:

  • Single-line kitchen. This type is a room, which allows you to set the area of the kitchen furniture in one line, and the room can be both large and small, but most dishes are placed in the room corridor type.
  • Kitchen-galley. With this kitchen layout is divided into two, and all the furniture is located on both sides. Stove and sink should be located together on one side, and the opening width should be sufficient so that it could to miss two people.
  • L – Shaped kitchen. This type – a great option for rooms with an open plan, so if you decide to remove the door and leave the arched doorway to European standards, it is L-shaped kitchen make the room functional and visually great.
  • U – Shaped kitchen. This option is considered the most rational. So, in the middle is the kitchen sink, a refrigerator and a stove – on the edges.
  • Kitchen-Island. If you have a large area, then you can safely choose the kitchen island. It is convenient, and it is often in such kitchens are professional chefs. But in a home where there are several children or cooking process takes time, so plan kitchen may not be entirely appropriate. As to the “island” you will constantly come across, despite its functionality and accessibility.

How to choose a table for small kitchen.

The first thing you need to understand what the best table right for you. For this purpose it is necessary to take into account:

  • the size of your kitchen;
  • number of family members;
  • How often do in the house are the guests.
  • Selecting table form
  • The kitchen table can be:
  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • round;
  • semicircular;
  • Corner.

Rectangular table – a classic which traditionally is the most popular. Often, however, for small rooms it is suitable not the best way.

If your kitchen is a small place, before settling on the design distressed kitchen cabinets with rectangular top, is sure to consider the option of buying another form of table. However, rectangular furniture is of great advantage – it is well placed in a corner or against a wall.

The square table can also be placed against a wall or in a corner, at the same time it looks more compact. When looking for an alternative design with rectangular tabletop this option is considered first and foremost.

Round table – a good option if it is supposed to be put in the center of the kitchen. It does not look massive and allows you to visually expand the space. Since there are no sharp corners, such a table creates a minimum of inconvenience to the confined space, as the risk of injury is minimal. The round table will perfectly fit into the interior of any style – from classic to hi-tech.

The semi-circular table has all the advantages of the design with a round top, and at the same time has another important advantage – it is placed close to the wall and takes up little space.

Corner dining table – a good option for a small family. It occupies the least space and is therefore perfect for the tightest spaces.

Dining table dark color looks thoroughly and soundly. But this is not the best option for a small kitchen – this design will look too bulky. It is necessary to pay attention primarily on the bright furniture – tables white and beige, light wood tables, and so on.

The use of these colors in the interior allows you to expand cramped space visually. Light and airy pastel shades table will not be overly fills the kitchen and its clutter.


There are many designs of tables, which are suitable for a small kitchen. The main are:

  • standard – consists of a countertop and one or more legs;
  • Wall table – such a structure fixed to the wall and has no legs, while it is rigidly fixed;
  • folding table – it also fixed to the wall, at the same time it can be folded when it is not needed;
  • Buffet-trans– its size can be increased or decreased as necessary;
  • The bar – a long, narrow table, which can be arranged along one of the walls.

Tip! If you buy a table that is not located along the wall, remember – behind the backs of people sitting should be at least two feet of space. In this case, sit down and get up convenience.

Massive constructions are not worth buying – they are not well suited for small spaces distressed kitchen cabinets. It is far better to choose a light and elegant table with a thin tabletop thickness of up to two centimeters and elegant legs. However, it is necessary to consider how well this design will be combined with the rest of the kitchen furniture and will it fit harmoniously into the interior of the can.

At the same table with one leg for a small kitchen is better than three or four – they leave more space for movement and make the risk of hurting a foot minimum. It would be better if the size and the overall design of the table allow removing all the chairs under the table top – in which case you will be where to turn when the table is not used for its intended purpose.

Glass table.

Glass tables are still not widespread, but this option must be investigated. For a small kitchen it will fit even better than light-colored table – glass table virtually invisible and completely visually clutter the space. As a result – if you change the table for opaque glass, it begins to seem that the kitchen had more space.

First countertop glass can give the impression of fragile and unreliable, but can withstand any load and not scratched really high quality glass table. Many were at first confused contemplation of his legs during the meal, but that feeling quickly passes.

In addition, there is also simple transparent design with tabletops of frosted, colored or textured glass.

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