Small kitchen remodel – 18 ways to make it spacious

Many small kitchen owners are sure that the only way to make it spacious is the usage of small pieces of furniture and accessories as well as white walls. But there are much more other methods that designers have in reserve – here are 18 of them.

Small kitchen remodel using colours and patterns

If you want to know the way professional designers use a little kitchen to the max, the do it mostly due to the optical illusions. Some methods help visually to “stretch” the space, so they are worth taking note of:

  1. Calm and neutral colours perfectly reflect the light and visually push the boundaries, so feel free to “wear” the walls in clear shades. By the way, if you want to make a small kitchen remodel more effective, add some dark or coloured accents.
  2. Arrange as much as possible natural and artificial light here, is is especially important if the wall colour is deep and rich. So you should choose bright translucent curtains and use a lot of spot lamps, but it’ll be better to apply led backlight. By the way, furniture in glossy colours reflects the light greatly, and small kitchen appears bigger.
  3. Kitchenette can be visually combined with the adjacent room or hallway, especially if there are no doors. Paint the walls of both rooms in the same color or paste the same wallpaper. Thanks to this trick, it would seem that there are not two small rooms, but one large space.
  4. In the design solution of a small kitchen, try to use bright fabrics, shades of pastel and dim prints. They will make an effect of a smooth transition. Flashy or contrasting colours instantly attract attention and make the walls “shrinking”.
  5. For this reason, in the interior of a small kitchen should not be used more than two colours – visual simplicity as if extends space.
  6. The principal thing in a small kitchen remodel is not to use many patterns and pictures. This is confusing and highly tiring in conditions of the space lack. Let the pattern be mostly pale, moreover, looks better relief ornament in the tone of the basics.


Furniture in a small kitchen remote

  1. Light and pale shades of the kitchen furniture make it less massive. It can be almost blended with the wall colour.
  2. Perfect solution for small kitchen design — transparent furniture. Glass dining table, bar counter and shelves made of glass or transparent plastic chairs look practically weightless. The «invisible» chair seems much lighter than its wooden analogue.
  3. «The less the better» — this is the golden rule for small kitchen design. Designers advice choosing furniture of large sizes, but limiting the pieces of furniture to a minimum. Furnishing the small room with small objects will create the effect of disorder.
  4. At least one piece of furniture needs «to stretch» skyward. It will draw attention to the upper part of the room, and ceilings will seem higher.
  5. The round table takes less space than the square. You can also use the oval kitchen table. Folding or sliding dining tables allow perfectly to save precious space.

Fabrics in a small kitchen design

  1. In the design of a small kitchen should be very delicately used patterns and designs.
  2. Try to hang curtain rods above the top of the window. Due to this, the window will be “reaching” up and the ceiling visually will appear higher.
  3. Instead of printed textiles choose fabric textured. They make the design of a small kitchen more expressive without introducing confusion and disorder.
  4. If you do not want to decorate the window with textile, try light blinds or Roman shades from translucent coloured fabrics.

 Some advices regarding repairs

  1. In a small apartment floor should be the same in all rooms. Or at least let it be very close in colour. Parquet, laminate or ceramic tile for kitchen putting “on the bias” is another way to make a small space visually more wide.
  2. The fewer different materials, textures and finishes you use, the better it will be for your interior. The apparent simplicity will help in creation of the space.
  3. If possible, try to remove the door at all or replace them with sliding or glass variants.

Small kitchen remodel can be very entertaining if you deal with it correctly. You may easily transform the place that will be the heart of your house.

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