Small kitchen layouts – different ways for the same space

Small kitchen requires such construction that will answer practicality, rationalism, also the rules of ergonomics and attractive appearance. In order to get a great room for cooking, equipped with the latest technology, creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for the whole family, first of all it’s necessary to make the proper layout of the kitchen, choose the most appropriate colour scheme and not to overdo with stylistic decision.

Selection of the kitchen furniture layout

The layout of furniture in your kitchen depends on many aspects – how many appliances you’ll need to build in here, whether you need to accommodate a dining area or place for breakfast or how much roomy should be storage system.

Also on the location of the kitchen affects the shape of the room – long and narrow kitchen, rectangular or square, traversed the room or located on the loft – everything is important.

Corner layout with peninsula

This variant is the best option of the space saturation small kitchen layouts with the necessary quantity of built-in appliances, work surfaces, storage and organization space for breakfast. In this situation the best way is to observe the rule of the triangle with such angles – fridge, stove or cooktop and sink. This will allow you to comply with security measures, but the space isn’t as large to make the hostess too tired after cooking dinner for the whole family.

If the cooker or hob is built into a Cabinet standing against the wall, then the space above it will be engaged by the extractor. Integrating cooktop in the Peninsula, you get the opportunity to increase the number of storage systems, and the hood will need to attach to the ceiling above the household appliance.

L-shaped layout with a dining area

Another variant is the use of corner-plan kitchen, but with a small dining area in addition. Obviously, in the small space of the kitchen will not fit a full dining table for 4-6 people with soft chairs. After all, we need to consider not only secure traffic kitchen areas, but also the possibility of opening the doors of kitchen cabinets, appliances and running drawers.

But there is a solution – to place the small dining area. It might be a flip console or table, which is based only on one leg and attaches to the wall, saving a lot of space.

In long and narrow kitchen the dining table, built into the wall, is able to accommodate at least four people. The angular layout can accommodate all the necessary appliances, work surfaces and storage systems, so space will be used very reasonable.

U-shaped layout

In some cases, the U-shaped layout can be the only possible option of placing a large number of storage and built-in appliances in a small kitchen. For example, in addition to the standard set of appliances (stove, fridge and microwave), you will need to integrate a washing machine and dishwasher, an oven or even a wine refrigerator.

Moreover, the storage systems need a lot to accommodate not only kitchen items but also things from other sectors of the home. Of course, in this room we don’t speak about the possibility of dining areas or Islands to be installed.

From the point of view of ergonomics, the distance between two parallel rows of kitchen units should not be less than 120 cm. In long and narrow spaces it can be difficult to observe these precautions. To solve the problem we need to apply asymmetric layout – one of the storage systems series should be manufactured with less depth.

Linear layout

In order to install a full dining area for small kitchens many designers offer linear location of objects – all storage systems, countertops and appliances along one wall. This layout variant is suitable for kitchens with a minimal set of appliances and storage systems.

Parallel layout

If your kitchen is long and narrow room with a balcony door or the door to the back yard, parallel layout can be an excellent way of accommodating for storage and work surfaces, as well as integrating of appliances. The same applies to kitchen spaces with several panoramic windows.

Small kitchen in the attic room

Small kitchen layouts can be applied also to the room with a small area located in the attic space. In addition to the possible asymmetry, there can be the presence of a strong slant ceiling that prevents in whole or in part the upper tier hanging of kitchen cabinets.

In some cases it is possible partially to compensate the lack of storage by open shelves or to increase the number of bottom tier cabinets by attaching themselves to the peninsula, and in some cases, and islands.

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