Small kitchen ideas – functional solutions

By using designers’ ideas and their imagination everyone can transform a little cluttered kitchen into beautiful, comfortable and more spacious room. The design of the small kitchen needs the appliance of these options that will provide the maximum level of comfort. Very useful in such cases advices and photos of professional designers.

Professional advices of improving the kitchen interior

  • Neutral colors visually expand the space. To create interesting accents, combine them with bright and dark shades.
  • For a small space it’s necessary to provide lots of light, also it’s better to use curtains of bright colours. The design will be more expressive, and light will scatter softer because of blinds or Roman blinds using.
  • You may also integrate the living room and the kitchen by common arrangement and accessories.
  • Soft shapes and smoothness acquire kitchen space when we use prints and fabrics in pastel colours.
  • Visual simplicity is another way to expand the space, and quite the opposite effect occurs when sharp gradients and bright colour tones are applied.
  • A good way of improving the interior of the kitchen is the presence in the room of light furniture, which blends in with the tone of the walls.
  • The original idea is to refresh the small kitchen interior by several transparent pieces of furniture.
  • Size of the furniture is also very important. For someone it may seem strange, but the large furniture in a small amount looks better than the small kitchen headsets, creating a state of disorder.
  • The pencil drawer or shelves that can reach the ceiling make the kitchen slightly higher.
  • The table should be oval or round and the best variant in this case is folding type.
  • Chairs, sofas or kitchenette should be upholstered in light tones with large shapes and drawings to make the decor minimal.
  • To make the kitchen visually higher use cornices for curtains, located at the maximum height.
  • Decorate the kitchen with mirrors which can serve as kitchen aprons or cabinet doors.
  • Appliances of large dimensions should be taken away from the kitchen. They can be hidden behind furniture or in a closet and the space will look more organized.

How to organize the working area

These small kitchen ideas will help you to make the space more productive. Small kitchen will not allow placing a lot of furniture, so it is necessary to be guided not by its quantity but by its functionality and quality.

  1. The hob will be an excellent replacement for the stove. Today the market present new folding models and other good options for this purpose.
  2. The problem with the cooking can be solved by using a microwave or mini-oven.
  3. Under the sink can be installed a small washing machine or a dishwasher.
  4. Standard refrigerator can be replaced by the built-in horizontal model. It looks very original and fashionable, besides, you get a new useful area.
  5. The good variant – to place the refrigerator in the corridor.
  6. As an additional working surface can be chosen a window sill, the table should be folding.
  7. Shelves and lockers, which visually reduce kitchen space, you can replace by the cabinets-canisters.
  8. A large area in the kitchen take the door, it can be completely removed by sliding model.
  9. One of great small kitchen ideas is the using of corner kitchen, which will allow the place of food preparation to separate from the dining area. Thus, the working area will be located inside the furniture. The bar will serve as the original idea.

The rules that can’t be broken

These are some unbreakable rules in the small kitchen design:

  1. The bearing walls can’t be destroyed in the result of the redevelopment, only the partitions between rooms van be removed.
  2. You shouldn’t remove or transpose gas appliances on your own.
  3. The water supply system, heating and sanitation also can be removed by the specialists.
  4. The ventilation system cannot be violated, because it is common for the riser of the house.

The keystone of the repair positive result is early planning, which is better to perform on the agreed plan. Only in this case you can be completely confident that the repair will be successful. The scheme that is made in advance can transform small kitchen into a real heavenly spot.

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