Small kitchen design – the secrets of the arrangement

Residents of old buildings and small apartments just have to put up with uncomfortable and cramped kitchen. Some housewives simply don’t notice the discomfort, but when tiny room is a constant source of discontent and irritation, there is an urgent need to change something. So today we will talk about various options of optimal planning and small kitchen design.

Main features of small kitchen

Before planning the design for small kitchen, you need to consider a few important aspects:

  • high temperature and humidity during the cooking process – finishing materials used for the kitchen should be well resistant to these factors;
  • high load on the floor surface – in the kitchen we often drop cups, plates, knives or forks, so it is very important to ensure sufficient strength of the kitchen floor;

Furniture placement in a small kitchen

To place the functional elements such as stoves, sinks and refrigerators in the kitchen we need to follow some rules:

  1. Gas stove should be set near a gas pipe.
  2. You should not put the refrigerator near the stove, because he can’t stand heat.
  3. Drawer for cutlery should be placed near the sink to not wear them after washing. Also lockers for drying plates are conveniently placed above the sink.
  4. Built-in kitchen furniture, made to order will be the best solution for a small space. It possesses an abundance of various designs with retractable and foldable items.
  5. Kitchen furniture should be installed along one wall. Previously you should define the location of the working area and fridge, and then you can proceed to the placing of the seating area or dining table with chairs.
  6. In a tiny kitchen try to use any space that ease fitting of the furniture. For these purposes are very suitable hanging corner cabinets and open shelves, on which it will be great to organize a spotlight.
  7. An excellent method to save space is the connection of plate, sink and work surface with one countertop. With the advent of high-quality new building materials and advanced technologies portable communication have become commonplace. Today you won’t surprise anybody with a working space on the windowsill that smoothly blends into the countertop, next to which are the sink and the hob.

Secrets of the space visual extension

Small kitchen design is based on calm neutral colours usage, they visually expand the boundaries of the room, reflecting perfectly the light. In this case, experts recommend having a limit by two shades, the best solution to the walls are cream colors, shades of cocoa, universal white color for furniture – pastel, light brown and yellow paint.

If we talk about decoration in a small kitchen design, pay attention to the lacquered smooth facades, that reflect the light perfectly. The perfect solution – glossy tile or laminate with a wooden imitation of that will be mounted longitudinally. Prefer white, cream or pastel colour. Sometimes designers for visual expanding of the space lay out all the walls in the kitchen with tiles to the ceiling.

To expand visually the space use also bright point lights, located around the perimeter of the ceiling, hinged lockers and shelves. Great choice of accommodation – models with several bulbs that evenly distribute light over a dining and work table.

Try to leave as much natural light as possible, avoid bulky curtains, choose lightweight curtains, Roman or roller blinds. Decorating windows with curtains, try not to cover it completely to allow sunlight passing freely into the small space.

Dim and light furniture, what you need for a small kitchen. It won’t look bulky, especially when it almost merges with the background colour of the walls. Dining table with transparent plastic chairs, wall, nearly invisible shelves, glass bar counter seem weightless in kitchen interior.

It is very important to choose roomy furniture, but at the same time it should be as small as possible. Central object of attention in the kitchen is a dining table. For small kitchens the best option will be oval or round shape, which themselves do not provide clear smooth lines that make the room wider and more spacious.

Don’t be afraid of original ideas, feel free to realize interesting ideas, but do not forget about what has been said above.

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