Small kitchen design ideas

Choosing furniture for a small kitchen you should take into account a lot of important points. First of all it must be extremely roomy and compact. It is necessary to forget about the large work surfaces and bulk storage systems in a small space. Practical accessories and the correct location of the furniture modules are in the foreground. Furniture that is made on the order with taking into account dimensions of the room, the number of items for storing and your habits is the perfect variant of modular kitchen designs for small kitchens.

Creating designs for small kitchens do not skimp on the “stuffing”. Be sure to buy modern kitchen accessories and fittings. They provide plenty of opportunities for the effective use of a small space. When choosing the furniture the preference should be give to that that is uses special fittings. Set with “smart” storage is an excellent choice for a small kitchen. They allow you to maximize the use of the angular space of kitchen cabinets. The selection of such mechanisms is impressive: the shelf-carousels, “magic corners”, shelf system “train”, nets, containers, baskets or boxes with dividers. Their mission is to facilitate the access to the dishes and utensils that will be stored in the depths of mounted and floor cabinets.

The set with hinged, sliding, folding and lifting doors is particularly suitable for a small kitchen. Familiar hinged casement doors of upper cabinets take up too much precious space. Special lifting mechanisms which hold the doors of cabinets in the open position are also very practical here. In addition roof rails and hanging shelves are quite good solution for small kitchens. Working area of the countertops will always be free thanks to the railing. In this case all the necessary stuff remains at your fingertips.

Kitchen set for a small kitchen, which includes a pull-out countertop or folding table is also very popular option. They essentially save space and if it is necessary can turn into additional work surface or a place for a quick snack. It also should be noted that the linear layout where case furniture is arranged along one wall takes up little space and is suitable even for the smallest spaces. The angular plans are well suited for small square-shaped kitchens. In some cases the kitchen furniture can be arranged in a U-shaped form. But such planning is appropriate only in the case if you will only cook in the kitchen and the dining area will combine with the living room.

Small kitchen design ideas

It is necessary to abandon the very spectacular but overall kitchen furniture with sleek, curved facades those are typical for interior in an ultra-modern style in favor of much more practical and compact rectangular ones. If you have a small kitchen in the first place it is necessary to take care of a comfortable working surface. Choose a kitchen set with facades made of transparent or frosted glass. Furniture with glass inserts visually seems easier and will not clutter the small kitchen.

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