Small kitchen decorating ideas – make a perfect place for rest

Psychologists advise to change the decor in the house, if not thoroughly, at least to move furniture from time to time. But if possible, it is better to change everything cardinally: the style, colours and furniture, even your own stereotypes about how home should look like – all these transformations is better to start with the kitchen.

How to arrange the kitchen correctly

There are lots of small kitchen decorating ideas. But, regardless of the choice, you need to remember a few rules:

  • the atmosphere of the kitchen should promote good appetite;
  • kitchen utensils and cooking equipment should be located within one step from each other;
  • there should not less two working surfaces in the kitchen;
  • objects that are often involved in the cooking process should be stored on open shelves;
  • it is necessary to have two salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowls, tanks with oil in the kitchen – one near the desk, the other at the stove, then they will be at arm’s length.

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It is important to consider the following when you overthink the future kitchen design:

  • overall colour design;
  • material for a wall covering;
  • the choice of the floor covering;
  • type of the kitchen apron panel;
  • the design and materials, such as stone wash;
  • set of household appliances and its placement.

And now let’s talk about everything in details:

  1. If the kitchen window facing north, you should not use as primary colours cool tones, if south-facing, bright colours will only intensify the sunlight, and this can quickly lead to fatigue.
  2. You need to remember that light colors visually expand the space, and the deep and dark reduce.
  3. It is proved there are colours and colour combinations in the kitchen, reducing appetite and the other – provoking. German psychologists say that the combination of gray and pink reduces the appetite, and orange colour stimulates it.
  4. Splashes of grease, grime, food stains are the enemies of neat housewives. For easier neatness preservation it is necessary to choose the right coating for the walls and floor. Now there is a tendency of dividing the kitchen into functional areas, so there is no need to paste all the walls with washable wallpaper.
  5. There should be linoleum putting on the floor, but it can be also a laminate. Some people lay on the kitchen floor ceramic tile, but it can be comfortable only if it is laid on the electric system of warm floor.
  6. The important element is an apron panel. It plays two roles – of the protector from the dirt and interesting element of design.

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To kitchen furniture can be presented two main requirements:

  • it should be strong enough to resist the constant opening and closing of the doors;
  • and also very roomy to hide all the kitchen stuff.

There is a minimal set of modern kitchen furniture:

  • fridge;
  • stove with oven;
  • microwave;
  • kitchen machine.

There is no need to clutter the kitchen with the kitchen appliances. Plus to the kitchen equipment that was announced should be mentioned water kettle, multi cooker and kitchen mixer.

Small kitchen decorating ideas can be realized in current design trends, there are:

  • The return of copper and brass – these materials became popular again. No longer in fashion nickel and steel, although the metal washers are irreplaceable in modern interiors, like hi-tech. Fashion returned to the comfort and warmth of the kitchens of the 19th century. While parts of copper and brass must be in plain sight.
  • Relevant, especially in the Scandinavian countries, monochrome basics: glass and marble surfaces, wooden wall panels for kitchen.
  • The real trend is the usage of bright and unordinary apron panels – often with elements of the exotic, laid with tile, painted in different techniques.
  • A large number of different lamps when every detail is illuminated: the lights in the cabinets, on open shelves above the stove, over dining and working table, plus bras on the walls are the modern trends.
  • Dishes in different colors. Especially popular now kitchens of blue and purple. Typically, this option looks good on big kitchens, when the furniture is pulled along the wall and a long table puts a parallel to it.

Remember, the warmth and comfort of your kitchen is in your hands. There are lots of small kitchen decorating ideas, it is important to choose the one that will help to reflect your personality.

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