Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

People often turn to the Shaker kitchen cabinetry style,that is well-known all around the World nowadays, when they are remodeling their kitchens.
Today’s shaker style kitchens take after the Craftsman and Arts & Crafts designs a lot, especially decorative elements. The main characteristics of Shaker style are ordinary plane kitchen doors,sharpen columns and heavy proportions.
This Shaker design concludes a strong kitchen island with special kind of legs and classical sink,which is incorporated into wooden kitchen surface. The cabinetry is made of cherry wood.

The Arts & Crafts style had appeared through almost fifty years before the Shaker design appeared. A building process of second style started in 1820 by a religious groups in USA. They wanted to reach a goal of making the kitchen cabinetry as plane as it was possible.
It has already gone two hundred years since this kitchen style had started its flourishing, all around the World. That is why many designers like to input some features of Shaker style into other types of kitchen design. You are able to see many of historical styles in our gallery.
The most well-known Shaker kitchen cabinet styles characteristics are smooth lines, strict features and temperate ornamentation.
Shaker kitchen cabinetry looks like Craftsman kitchen cabinetry, both of them often include specific doors, that are usually plane and have ordinary frames. Kitchen cabinets,that are made in Shaker kitchen style, usually made of traditional woods like Oak, Birch, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Ash and other different kinds of wooden materials.
It is common for us to choose a marble or granite material for makings kitchen surface.

But if you are going to create a native Shaker look, you may choose a soapstone as an alternative to common raw.
The most meaningful advantage of using a soapstone for your kitchen countertop is its cheapness and easy in repairing also this material give the kitchen an unique historical spirit of ages.
Shaker style looks identically to many modern styles, because it features simple lines and strict forms.
It is usual for this style to use man-made materials for furniture building, but sometimes it allows to use more modern raw.

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