Rustic kitchen lighting, 15 foto

The modern kitchen in the rustic style is one of the most popular kitchen interiors, moreover so many people wants it to look even older to have the reminding of the sweet childhood time when they were coming to the granny and where the atmosphere is always so comfortable and cosy every country has its own vision of a traditional rustic kitchen style. For America it looks more like the cowboy ranch, for France it’s the famous Provencal style and in Switzerland its Chalet. Russian rustic style is also so interesting if we are talking about the time before the USSR appeared. The icons, painted cupboards and the embroidered tablecloths can’t make you feel indifferent. Doesn’t matter which exactly style you gonna choose, but you can be sure, that if you decide to make the interior of your kitchen in the rustic style this kitchen will gather all your relatives to spend every celebration together because it will be associated for them with the most cosy and the warmest place on the Earth, and for sure they will never forget this feeling of a truly home.

But another side of the rustic kitchen interior is that being super cosy and warm it keeps to be really demanding to the good chosen lighting. So let’s analyze which lighting fixtures are gonna fit the rustic kitchens, what scenario of lighting is better to choose and all the other details

How to choose the lighting for the rustic kitchen?

First thing we should think about is the style of the main interior of the kitchen and according to that we choose the style of the lighting fixture. If your budget is really small then you can choose something really simple from the main collection of any big company such as “IKEA” and it’s gonna look just fine as we are not creating the design for the high-tech kitchen, but for the rustic one and here everything can be adapted in a good way.

Sometimes it looks really interesting if you kinda mix the styles and choose a modern or a classical lighting fixture for the country style kitchen. Yes, it can look really amazing and say a lot about a good taste and a good designer eye, but for this you should have some kind of a feeling or already have some skills in decorating, otherwise it’s gonna look weird.

The rustic kitchen lighting: 7 main designing secrets.

  • If you want your rustic kitchen to look really natural, than you should choose the lighting fixtures that have the antic look. They can be wooden or metal or to be done in the same kind of style. The forged chandeliers are also gonna look really fit as much as the perforated metal models or the brass lamps with cast suspensions.
  • It’s really popular now to choose the glass handmade lighting fixtures or the once made from the stained glass. Also you can amaze everyone and choose the chandelier made in antic way with some kind of candles on it. So when you switch it on it looks like the real lighting candles, while actually it’s made from the special incandescent lamps which are romantically called “the candle on a wind”. The easiest and the less expensive variant is a retro-chandelier made from the glass, the cloth or the plastic and established on an elastic spiral.
  • It’s gonna look perfect if you choose the lighting based on a white range. It’s really important that the lighting looks close to the natural one so the rustic kitchen will look cosy and food delicious. Moreover it will perfectly emphasize the texture of a rustic kitchen for which they are really famous and will make the interior looking more expressive.
  • Colorful lighting is also a possible solution for the rustic kitchen lighting and it can become a really stylish element of the decor. But actually most of the designers admit that it’s better to use the the normal incandescent lamps made from the dull or white flasks with the middle power in a dining zone and to keep the colorful. Lighting for the other functional parts of the kitchen.
  • If you decided to choose a fancy stained glass chandelier then you should make sure that it has the easy form and a smooth surface so then it’s really easy to wash it as it’s really important for the kitchen where you always cook.
  • If you have an opportunity then it’s worthy to plan the establishing of the dimmer. It is a special decide that will help you to control the lighting brightness. By using it you can change the type of the kitchen lightening, it’s intensity and or even to make the feeling like the rustic kitchen is backlighted by the candles or the burning fireplace.
  • If you have a big main ceiling pendant lighting then you definitely complete it with some local lighting like a wrought bra or a table lamp with the cloth or the glass shade made in the same style as the whole interior. Or you can even complete it with the floor lamp which will fit perfectly next to the kitchen table or the sofa. Don’t forget about the local Led lighting which can help you to backlight the shelves as inside to make it possible to have a midnight dish without crashing all the dishes and also to backlight the shelves outside using the LEDs as the decorative lighting which you can even leave as a night lighting so you don’t need to use another source of lighting to come in the middle of the night to drink some water without using the main source of lighting. Moreover if you put it under the plinth it’s gonna make your kitchen look like its flying which is such a magic.

Let’s don’t forget about the natural rustic kitchen lighting. Of course we know that the bigger the window is the more light we gonna have and to have the more lighting on the kitchen table we should put it just in front of the it, but one more thing we shouldn’t forget is the window drapes, because for sure you don’t keep the windows “naked”. So the main advise for the rustic kitchen window drapes is to keep it as simple as possible. It can be the natural beige jalousie which you can keep opened during the day time and to close for the night. moreover you can lift it just half and to keep half opened / half closed or to lift the flaps which to have a possibility to regulate the natural rustic kitchen lighting.

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