Round kitchen island – an unexpected innovation or a problem on all times?

Deciding to create a kitchen design you should not limit yourself in anything. Before you decide on the type of kitchens (matte or glossy), with the material and color scheme for it you should pay attention to the shape of kitchen. Beyond the traditional kitchens of square and rectangular form where the furniture is strictly on the perimeter of kitchens you should also note new the trend of fashion design and it is triangle design kitchens and round ones. In this article we will talk about the second type of unusual kitchens.

Getting rid of unnecessary corners, room becomes much more elegant. And with the help of round and roundish objects designers often recreate the atmosphere of lightness and airiness. Families with children will find another plus in the kitchen round shape. Minimized number of sharp corners will protect their children from unwanted injuries. In addition people who had decided to use the round kitchen notice that they feel much more comfortable in these rooms. Sharp corners as well as any other sharp objects on a subconscious level are recognized by people as a danger which you should stay away from.

Kitchen set that is located not in the form of a square but in the form of a semicircle is the most expensive and at the same time the most original solution for the interior. This decision is not only a designer challenge to the society but it is also a quite practical solution. It is very inconvenient to use lockers and take items placed in square corner sections of square kitchens, round ones are free from this problem. Rounded corners of furniture and circles in the interior will be a good addition for this designer solution. This can be round suspended cabinets or photo in round frames.

The main problem that you may encounter during installation of circular kitchens is a form walls. It is rather difficult to implement such idea in the square and rectangular kitchens. But it is still possible. The formed space in the corners can be ignored if the size of the kitchen allows you to do or can be cluttered with such bulky items as refrigerators and dishwashers.

If the kitchen is too small for the experiment with set but the design solution requires the round objects in the interior the choice can be stopped on the more economical version – on the selection of the round table. Many people call this decision a budgetary parody of the circular kitchen but in fact it is not so. If such a widespread solution as a coupled kitchen and dining room then is used in the interior of the table will be the main subject of the interior. You should choose it should be very carefully in this case.

Anyone who has opted for the round table soon will see some of its undoubted advantages, for example, it is high comfort if to compare it with angular one. Referring to historical sources and facts in terms of modern psychologists who study this question, we can safely conclude that the round-table discussions are much warmer and livelier than conventional, square or rectangular ones.

If a large space is available to the designer but he cannot rounded the corners of the kitchens it is worth to look closely at forms of bar counters. Most frequently semicircular and rarely the round bar tops will be an interesting addition to any contemporary design: from modern to hi-tech. If the kitchen is designed for people who cannot imagine life without a noisy, cheerful company the bar instead of the table would be the best solution. In addition preferring not smooth and a semi-circular bar counters designer saves so valuable space.

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