Restaining kitchen cabinets: main rules

Cozy, beautiful and practical kitchen – a pledge of good mood every day. Today, thanks to new building technologies, implement any bold design intent is possible even in the smallest.

Therefore, if you are a “happy” owner of a miniature kitchen, do not despair. A little imagination and stylistic tricks in interior decoration with restaining kitchen cabinets will help to turn your tiny room into a fully functional and maximize space.


Equips by the rules

With proper optimization of small-sized kitchen area even at 5.5 m² can accommodate everything you need – kitchen items, furniture, equipment and other. In order for the situation was not only aesthetically appealing, but also easy to use just enough to stick to the basic principles of placing the important parts of the kitchen decor:

  • Apply the narrow high wall cabinets or for the conversion of floor space in its volume;
  • To increase kitchen space at the expense of additional free meters balcony / loggia or conversion sill in desk-top;
  • Placed in the room only compact and ergonomic furniture, embedded “smart” appliances or objects, transforms;
  • Maximum use of the work area, placing it on ratings holders and other accessories for various small utensils;
  • Expand the space with the help of visual effects through a range of bright colors and kitchen accessories.

Remember, the main task in interior – how to restain kitchen cabinets and it’s the highest rationalization of forces, materials and components of the situation. In a small kitchen, nothing should hamper or constrain movement. Let all that is necessary should be at hand. If properly equipped, it will be a real bonus, even in comparison with large kitchen facilities.

Miniature style

Kitchen design in 5.5 sq. m can be quite varied. However, the optimal for a small kitchen facilities, though, is the style of minimalism, which allows not only visually increase the room, but also convenient to combine all the elements of interior decoration. Conciseness, simplicity, accuracy and clarity – these are the basic criteria that are required to identify any stylistic decision.

Why Minimalism restain kitchen cabinets?

Because it is beautiful, safe and functional mega! Easy decor, monochrome color palette, correct geometry of forms, lack of complex elements and modern technology create an atmosphere of space, perfect order and cleanliness. Moreover, minimalism perfectly combined with other styles, allowing each time to find unusual and very practical solution in the interior.

By choosing to use the minimalist techniques in the kitchen area of 5.5 m², you must strictly adhere to its basic stylistic principles:

  • Spatial freedom;
  • Multi-level lighting;
  • Zoning areas;
  • The use of bright color accents, correct lines and forms;
  • Ensure that sufficient amount of light both natural and artificial;
  • Use bright colors and natural materials.

Minimalism – a truly universal style, allowing for any experiments. Besides, he has no gender or age determination and is perfect for both young and older generation.

Planning is the first!

Decide on the style of the kitchen, you can proceed to the design of the walls and furnishings of the room. However, that result is exactly as you want, you need to carefully evaluate all features and is there space, the location of windows and doors, why will largely depend on the final choice of plan. In total, there are several options for the best:

  • Linear;
  • L-shaped;
  • U-shaped;
  • Two-row.

But it is often angular design is a typical solution for tiny kitchens. It is located at the intersection of adjacent walls, and allows maximum comfort and harmony has all the elements of interior design and kitchen utensils in the same plane. In addition, the angle of the layout makes it possible sectoral arrangement of rooms – working, dining and entrance areas.


The main task execution area of 5.5 square meters.  – The maximum saving of scarce space. Therefore, all kitchen furniture should be multifunctional, compact and better folding. By any way solicit Receive section, cabinets, drawers and other elements of the kitchen headset. Fortunately, angular layout allows it. But if you want, and you can convert the design.


Decoration of restain kitchen cabinets space also has its own specifics. The place where the food is prepared and adopted should create the coziest, comfortable and space. Therefore, to increase the visual area of the L-shaped design, use some simple techniques:

  • The colors of the interior only monochromatic light range. Allowed dilution monochrome palette few contrasting accents or rare drawings. Also relevant glossy, reflective effect or a mirror coating the surfaces of tables and cabinets. Floor tiles of only neutral colors, but can be a kitchen apron and bright colors. In addition, there is quite appropriate volume and colorless textured tile.
  • Lighting should be different – natural and artificial. The best lighting technology for – a built-in lighting fixtures, lamps and multi-level spotlights.
  • Since the access of light needed and the maximum unobstructed, it is advisable to use light, flowing, translucent curtain fabrics, rolls or conventional blinds. This gives the window an opportunity to “breathe.” It’s a great idea that you need to use in your home and you will get the best result!
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