Redo kitchen cabinets and their materials

The president of one of the Californian firm told that no one today wants to furniture made of particleboard (chipboard). And nobody wants melamine – the same particle board, only with a special coating. Most preferably veneered furniture, without any coating which is durable and wear resistant.

Style of Wood is great for a rich dark finish. I want more exotic? Then you should use alternative wood: mahogany, bamboo, Saelee and angled. In order to make a smooth coating, these materials dyed or lacquered. Lacquered cabinets are gone; they are removed from the production, preferring textured design that wood grain is visible through the frosted coating. Due to this, cases become more natural look.

Functionality of redoing kitchen cabinets European-style offer more space than sliding, which are commonly used in kitchens in American homes. Gently closing drawers and doors of cabinets – a prerequisite. Some fastening already has this property, and for some of you should pay. According to Burgin, an additional fee is a whole food, depending on its size, can range from $ 350 to $ 500. Touch cases to date are a luxury complement, but according Poteet, very soon they will go into mass production. Touch control is very convenient for use in garbage bins.

Accessories. Do not forget about accessories. This treasure of your kitchen.

When choosing kitchen cabinets, remember the following:

  • Ask to install fully customizable door canopies that allow the installer to make the gaps between the doors exactly the same. Also pay attention to the recesses at the bottom of the cabinet, which must be installed backlight.
  • In order to obtain high-quality items, you should not spend money on class «lux» cabinets. Today, many organizations offer their customers at reasonable prices of semi-customized kitchen cabinets, which configuration (stands for spices, sliding cabinets, etc.), the customer can choose himself.
  • How are you going to use the “dead space” in the far corners of the cabinets? You cannot even know what space there is, as is sometimes the corners in the dead zone completely closed. To help in the use of the space corner cabinets will help you old-fashioned rotary compartments in the style of “Lazy Susan”.
  • Many experts say the growing trend of kitchen design in accordance with the design of other rooms of the house. This trend, for example, is expressed in expanding the use of windows and unusual kitchen furniture used for storing food and utensils, and gradually extended to the furniture used for storage of kitchen utensils.

If you decide how to redo kitchen cabinets to give up the kitchen units in favor of an elegant panel that protects the wall behind the sink splash, either in favor of additional windows, you should think about the need for larger cabinets or drawers that will “unload” the available space. Such furniture can accommodate a large number of kitchen utensils, and provides easy access to him for people of different sizes. Closet in this respect is less convenient, and access to it is not so easy.

The choice of kitchen units – not the most trivial task, a lot of options and features may confuse you. Experts point out that in the selection of kitchen units need to answer one question: “Is this piece of furniture occupies space and helps me and provides access to the desired object? »

A few tips:

  • Phasing out the doors and windows;
  • The widespread use of reaching the ceiling of kitchen sets;
  • Using angular sets;
  • Transparent doors horizontal sets;
  • Preference wire basket for garbage;
  • Separate wall storage height from floor to ceiling;
  • Pull-out pantry.

Planning and design of the space

Kitchen furniture – an integral part of the design and essential component affecting the total cost of the house. You need to determine not only the price, style and materials. Even the simplest repairs can be expensive process, time consuming, and therefore you should take the following steps before you take decision on the choice of materials and goods.

Decide whether you plan to sell the house. Let the finished redoing old kitchen cabinets meets the standards specific to the real estate market in your area. You need to decide whether you will stay in this house for many years, or do you do the repair for resale housing. If you are renovating the kitchen for yourself, think about how long you are going to live in this house.

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