Red Kitchen Cabinets – Traditional Kitchen Design

If you want to attract attention and make your kitchen warm, red color is exactly what you need. It’s the mixture of passion and fashion; it makes the space looking very different and creates the cozy atmosphere. Look at this kitchen, it doesn’t need an additional description, its interior speaks for itself.

The red color may evoke different emotions and feelings; it can be associated with passion and love, here can be made the special atmosphere for cooking. Don’t forget about the famous red Corvette, it’s the speed and the strength.

But red is also a classical color, it’s elegant and looks sophisticated. This color affects the human’s body in a proper way – the blood pressure is rising as the heart rate. So you can’t wait cooking here something, it fills with the energy.

And what about the best combinations with this color? Red is looking rich and elegant if you dare to add some golden hues, there may be just little details or larger decorations. If you want to make the traditional design more interesting and intriguing, play with the different shades and colors.

For example, adding a little chrome will bring the interior the retro style. The bright red make the space more dynamic and energetic, other shades – ruby, mahogany, blush or jam with the combinations of other colors may be more romantic, cozy and charming.

What are the other associations with the red? Some will say – beauty, motion, power, others – heat, friendship or vitality. But the red kitchen cabinets can be seen both in modern and traditional kitchens. So it’s the timeless color that has lots of followers all over the world.

But if you need to make just little red accents, use it with black and white – these are the classical variations. But with the same success it can be the country kitchen, like in the farm houses – little details and textile will help you to make the interesting solution. So whatever you will choose – elegancy, simplicity or something extravagant, the kitchen design won’t be left without the proper attention.

Pay attention to the cleaning, it should be moderate and more frequent concerning the dark red surfaces. Think over the principal colors and make the harmonic space for cooking and having meals with the friends and family. Red is a dominating color, it’s true, but you may mute it using more diluted shades as carnelian, maroon, terra cotta or vermilion.

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