Red Kitchen Cabinets, Modern Kitchen Design

Red attracts attention; it’s popular enough in modern interiors and can be very passionate. It’s full of energy and gives us the feeling of love, desire, strength and speed. We have the proper reaction on it – the heart beat becomes faster, blood pressure rises.

But red can be various depending on the used shades and color combinations. It matched with black, white or grey tones. If red is in the furniture, it will be perfectly completed by colors such as beige, brown, black, white, grey. The walls can be cream, beige, milky, dark grey. So red will be bright, but not annoying.

The red kitchen cabinets can be supplemented by facades of frosted or transparent glass with aluminum frame, shiny chrome parts and accessories. This color harmonizes well with countertops made of natural stone or wood.

If look at the pictures in the gallery you will see how many variations can be done with it and how different it is. Choosing red color for a large surface or the whole of the furniture, it is better to concentrate on soft and calm colors: cherry, maroon, ruby, burgundy, and garnet. Modern and stylish variant is the red colouring or use wallpaper of this color; it helps to make an accent.

The combination of red and all its shades with gold gives the impression of wealth and luxury. Properly combining these colors you can achieve a great effect while spending minimum cash. Also with red it is easy to divert attention from any shortcomings of the room.

If you fear the negative impact of the red color, use it in minimum. For example, as a bright spot, you can use a lamp with a red shade plus curtains made of thick textile of the same tone. The interior of the kitchen can be supplemented with decorative plates and other elements.

Red kitchen cabinets will look great in combination with white walls or flooring. Black-and-white floor or kitchen furniture in combination of white (the doors) with red (countertop) will look great. And don’t ever mix several shades of red in one room, it is at least ridiculous.

Pay special attention to the cleaning and dusting of the surfaces, only in this case red kitchen will look impressive. Red kitchen in the interior of any home will look bright and sophisticated, but even if you can’t afford yourself such an experiment, try bringing a little red into your life. Fridge, hob, extractor or juicer of red color in the white kitchen will immediately change the general mood of the room.

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