Rational planning of the kitchen zones with kraftmaid kitchen cabinets

Allocate premises to the area and dining complex, when not enough meters for rational organization, but this is not about  square meters. m. Especially if the room is complemented by a balcony or merges with the living room, which can also be advantageous to beat. In this case, the room design will look different and much more spacious.


In the first place during the zoning premises is important to remember about the rule of “work triangle”. It is generally determined in accordance with this point: fridge – sink – stove. To place must be so that these points were between the distances not more than 6 m and not less than 3 m. otherwise, the room is too small or give rise hostess useless to run around the room.

To design kraftmaid kitchen cabinets is not the border crossing rules of aesthetics, functionality and practicality should be calculated every detail. For example, use the L-shaped kitchen interior by type true when you have a large family. In this case, the kitchen will be a lot of cabinets and a comfortable work area. In addition, in such a room can comfortably accommodate themselves to home appliances.

If your room is narrow and elongated, then you should look at the single-row kitchen. This layout offers a kitchen work area to place all under one wall, and opposite dining. For dining, choose rectangular table, it will make the room visually larger.

The color palette from white to black for the kitchen.

Developing design of the kitchen to the room of square meters, and choosing the color palette, it should first of all start from its location. Let the room is on the west side. Then you should pay attention to light shades. For example, light-green furniture on a background of yellow wall – more than relevant. A great solution is to paint the orange walls and furniture to choose white. Each of the proposed shades makes the room warmer and brighter.

Note that the color and shade of the walls, “the working apron”, and the furniture can differ among themselves. This will achieve a balance and proportionality.

Harmonious addition to any proposed variant will be original and decorative motifs, as well as stickers. Use at the start kraftmaid kitchen cabinets price list. Elements such as wall clocks, flowers, vases, pictures, underlined the idea and creativity of the owners.

Furniture for kitchen design.

Furniture should be beautiful is not easy, but also practical. Therefore, any kitchen design will look harmonious with quality products made of wood or stone. Of course, the latter option is more practical. After all, if there is water on the surface of the furniture will not absorb water and become deformed. Moreover, the material damage from hard stone.

Do not forget about style. This may be a classic, minimalist, Provence, high-tech. Each of them has its own features. For example, the design of the kitchen in a minimalist style suggests a minimum of furniture, but the maximum functionality. This furniture will be expensive, but the room space enough for everyone. Openwork napkins, tablecloth with lace, solid wooden furniture and colors – all these are signs of the classics.

What is a kitchen apron, general information?

Kitchen apron – a necessary element of modern kitchen interior. This is part of the working surface, which protects the wall from contamination, inevitable during cooking.

It may be different in colors, from pastel shades to bright colors in kitchen cabinets kraftmaid. Everything depends on you. Do not be afraid to experiment. You can update your kitchen design without large-scale repairs. It will be enough to pick up a bright apron. And the room immediately transformed.

Designers offer a palette of solutions and advise to try different combinations and experimenting with colors and materials. It will enliven the space and create an atmosphere of comfort.

Important functional role of the apron. Therefore, the material from which it is made, must meet several requirements:

  • Enduring high temperature (above 150 ° C).
  • Easy to wash (removal of dirt and grime should not be a problem).
  • For a long time to have a decent look (not to deform during the surface cleaning procedures, keep the brightness of the colors and the quality of the picture).

A prerequisite for the maintenance of hygiene is an absolute seal between the countertop and apron. For example, silicone. Camouflage this procedure can be skirting.

Consider the basic texture of construction for the panel:

  • glass;
  • tile;
  • metal;
  • mosaic;
  • MDF;
  • particleboard;
  • fake diamond;
  • Unusual materials.

The panel made of tempered glass – a great option. Very practical on the one hand, and very fashionable, giving embody bold design ideas on the other. Glass kitchen apron is easy to clean and did not lose the beautiful appearance.

There are many ornamental decorations in kitchen cabinets kraftmaid . Glass can be matte or glossy, its surface – textured or smooth. You can use different design finds: jewelry ornament, using printing or sandblasting.

Customize the décor can be placed under the glass photo, wallpaper, paper, and textiles.

  • The most common material for kitchen working panel is ceramic tile. Made of imitation tile under different textures are varied – leather, wood, stone, metal. This apron will successfully fit into any interior. This type is very practical. For ceramics it is easy to care for. It is almost not subject to deformation; retain a beautiful appearance for a long time.
  • Plastic – a relatively cheap material, but not too practical. When removing contaminants need to be careful.
  • Metal apron is a simple sheet of steel that can decorate decorative design or pattern, or metal tiles. Due to the constant contact with water to last for a long time, it must be made of stainless steel.
  • For a rough surface is best suited mosaic. This is a very bright, cheerful version of ceramics, glass and metal. It will give the kitchen of sophistication and elegance.

MDF and chipboard. If your kitchen is made from these materials, it is a logical continuation of the apron of the same invoice. A practical solution, though inferior in strength ceramics, metal and stone.

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