Practical guide: how to avoid mistakes during the kitchen renovation

Are You willing to the kitchen renovation?

Let to give you a helpful advice through the list of common mistakes.

  • Your kitchen is independent country. But there is just a part of overall home’s concept. So take the last statement in consideration working out a future kitchen design. A super-modern kitchen will look ridiculous in the farmhouse styled by 19th century. Try to integrate your architectural plans with the present your home design.
  • Your way of thinking is skin-deep. Don’t forget that to choose beautiful furniture is just half the matter. Spent your time to take decision about efficient storage for the plenty of kitchen accessories and to find right way how to divide all of them by the shelves for easily taking it.
  • You consider that orange cabinets could look positive and fresh. Reasonably better to express your personality choosing unique by shape or colour kitchen accessories, appliances or maybe special design for the countertop. Make your choice regard that for next 10-15 years you and your family will live with it. A bizarre choice could bring superfluous trouble in future, if you decide to resale your apartment.
  • You define yourself like a chief-master. A kitchen renovation is a responsible goal. The best to achieve that, will be delegating to the pros. Helpful support from kitchen designers, architects entails that your project will be carried out successfully. Be sure to deal with professionals for this task, hire licensed and insured pros.
  • Your forget that time passes quickly. Some peculiar details, such as an idea to install a countertop on the low-level, seems to be so suitable for your kids, but in the 10 years you will find them like a very disturbing thing. Think about future to form a reasonable project. When you are getting older you will be pleased be owner an ergonomic kitchen with a bit lifted dishwasher, for instance.
  • You underestimate the lighting impact. Sure it’s no the most exciting part of your project, but without due diligence to this point you risk to spoil your mood in the final stage. Lighting, through the the creepy shadows, able to turn exceptional nice colour of your cabinets to a dull shade of brown. So it’s better to work out reasonable lighting plan, in the borders around 10 % of all budget.

  • Your slogan is “I come into my own”. In the mid you will come across the bothering delays and additional expenses unless all hesitations occurring in your mind to solve before the start. If changing imply others which thoroughly measured before ( such as countertops or size of shelves) the cost will getting larger and larger.
  • You mind about any budging. Obviously the remodeling decision at first concerns place of countertop and sink, but it’s sure best time carefully to take in account all things make you feel unsatisfied. To get a fridge you always need cross whole room, so move it to the more suitable place.
  • You took too serious TV shows about Home Makeover. No need to exaggerate with destruction, even if activity with a sledgehammer at your old kitchen seems so amazing. Do a particular assessment what you may use in future from appliances and facilities you have. Don’t alienate smart way to spare money.
  • Cooking level of Martha Stewart’s is reality for you. Don’t expect that fantastic new kitchen can improve your cooking skill by itself, so if you have not habit spend half of your time near the stove, no necessary to spend time and money buying a lot of professional appliances.
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