Planning a kitchen: The best ideas for a small kitchen

Many owners of small kitchen are sure order to make it visually more spacious small furniture, accessories and white walls are needed. It turns out that this is not necessary! Plenty of tricks those give the opportunity to create simple kitchen designs for small kitchens according to your taste are in the arsenal of designers. Do you want to know how professional designers cannot use a small kitchen on the maximum? Mostly they do it thanks to the hype of view, visually “stretching” space.

Any calm and neutral tones reflect color better and visually pushing the boundaries. So feel free to “clothe” the walls in light colors. By the way, if you want to make design of a small kitchen more interesting add little dark or colored accents to it. It is great if there will be a lot of natural and artificial lighting in a small kitchen. This is especially important if the color of the walls is deep and rich. So you should choose light translucent curtains and use a lot of local luminaries while creating small kitchens designs. LED lighting is especially good for this purpose. By the way, “glossy” furniture reflects the light well and a small kitchen will look bigger.

Kitchenette can be visually “united” with the adjacent room or hallway especially if there are no doors. Paint the walls in both rooms with similar color or paste them over with the same wallpapers. Try to use light textile in the design of small kitchen. Shades should be pastel and prints should be dim. It will create the effect of a smooth transition. Flashy or contrasting colors attract attention immediately and make the walls “shrinking.” For the same reason you should not use more than two colors in the interior of a small kitchen. Visual simplicity as if “extends” space. Perhaps it is the most important advice in interior design kitchens with the small size.

Kitchen furniture of light, pale shades seems less massive and cumbersome. Especially if it is almost merges with the color of the walls. Transparent furniture is the perfect solution in this situation. Glass dining table, bar and shelves of glass or transparent plastic chairs look like something weightless. “Invisible” chair will look much lighter than its wooden counterpart. Designers advise to choose large furniture but to limit with the minimum furnishings. If you furnish a small room with the small furniture it will create the effect of clutter. As a result the room will seem even smaller than it is.

Round table takes up less space than a square one. In the design of a small kitchen you can use the dining table of the oval shape. Folding or sliding dining tables allow you to save precious space. And if it is necessary you can even use it as a desktop. In addition patterns and drawings should be used very gently in a small kitchen. According to the designers it is better to confine with “strokes”. For example, these can be patterns on the upholstery and decorative pillows. The space does not look overloaded in such way. Try to hang cornice above the top of the window. Because of this window will “pull” to the ceiling.

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