Pine kitchen cabinets for saving space

Pine kitchen cabinets are a great ideas or using your space in the room. Built between the cabinet and the wall at the same time provided with a worktop and drawers for storage, and even “wine rack”. The proximity to nature, the liveliness of furniture and hanging locker attached to the untreated wood surface. Mint plastic chairs on high legs diluted color palette, adding to the futuristic design notes.

Kitchen cabinets with pull out cabinets. They open up to blue dishes and storage areas for kitchen items.

Of particular note is a niche in the wall, decorated by the school board. Special paint slate enables you to write on it with chalk, leaving notes, drawings and other records, which is very convenient. Splits this niche decorative panel made of spruce. Small shelves in an alcove perfect for storing books, jars of loose products and other details.

Placement of household appliances

The working area is one solid monolith. All appliances except oven and hob built in cupboards and numerous bays. It seems that, in principle, it is not in the kitchen. Hardly visible and electronic hob, guessed that on closer inspection. Narrow refrigerator hidden behind the facade of the kitchen units.

After the implementation of the process area of the new space is usually obtained sufficiently large. For example, the development of design in the kitchen 20 square meters and premises such as living room, automatically implies a certain departure from the established stereotypes. The reason for this is that a sufficiently large amount of interior space to carry out the alignment required by certain principles.

Advantages of the kitchen

It is impossible not to note the fact that the modern kitchen is becoming more and more popular, which is based on a large number of positive aspects in the premises of such a plan. It is necessary to highlight the benefits such as:

  • The kitchen of this kind is able to provide a lot of free space. Combining the living room and kitchen results in a large room that can be used as soon as possible.
  • The room gets strong performance versatility makes it very comfortable to use. Among such factors may be noted the provision of the possibility of a person in the process of cooking does not come off from communicating with family members. It helps kitchen studio in the organization of parties, as all dishes are cooked at hand.
  • We must not forget about the design decision of such facilities as knotty pine kitchen cabinets. This room provides a very wide scope for different experiments. On formed area can translate into reality any sort of idea.

If you have some difficulties, based on a deficit of creative ideas, it is necessary to recommend turning to professional designers and continue to act on their recommendations already.

Negative knotty pine kitchen cabinets

The disadvantages of such dishes include some of the complexity in the design process. On these and other factors is better to know in advance to avoid potential problems in a timely manner. Among them are such things as:

  • The first is based on the complexity of the procedure itself design of future redevelopment. Have ready a professionally developed design on hands does not solve all the problems for committing redevelopment undergo a complicated procedure as agreed some changes in the configuration of the dwelling.
  • Important! If you want to legitimize a new plan, you can simplify the process by referring to the special companies whose activities are related to the architectural process. The cost of such services is slightly higher, but the time savings it completely justified.
  • Do not forget about the specific location of the communication system features. Even with a combined living room and kitchen, install the headset in another someplace will not work. This is based on the fact that the pipes in any case need to be routed through the entire room.
  • We must not forget the presence of the hood. Kitchen simply cannot normally comfortable and powerful enough to operate without modern hoods. This is based on the fact that when cooking polluted air will be quickly removed from the premises, moreover, nothing will facilitate the spread of odors.

All these challenges can quickly eliminate enough, because if you want to solve this issue as a kitchen design studio, do not give up. If necessary, you can cope with whatever the task. The most important thing to show maximum patience and competent approach.

Finishing work in the unfinished pine kitchen cabinets

Redevelopment, which is to turn on two different rooms at the same destination, the procedure is quite laborious and complex. For this reason, pre should carefully read the instructions, take into account such details of the interior, who are able to complement the overall design of the premises, that is to make it as perfect. All the necessary finishing processes begin immediately after all of the work associated with the redevelopment had been fully completed, that is torn down all unnecessary concrete structures.

Important! Some experts recommend the implementation of redevelopment leave a small portion of the concrete walls separating the living room and kitchen area. Many use it as a spectacular decorative element.

Main stages of repair work

Further, all work is carried out under the scheme:

  • The first laid all the required utilities. Where it is planned to place the sink, it is necessary to bring all water pipes and sewers. To set the hood is necessary to bring a special air box and a gas cooker or electrical wiring.
  • All communication is recommended for finishing hide, that is, the pipe is laid under the flooring. Such an element as the exhaust duct can effectively mask under the false ceiling. If the suspended ceiling is set at different levels, it is possible to carry out visual level zoning cooking zone and the rest.
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