Pendant lighting for kitchen island: 10 foto

The kitchen lighting is always such a think we pay attention most because it’s not just a lighting source, but also the important decorative part which is gonna stay for many years. So it should not just provide us with the basic source or lighting, but to be convenient and don’t pay much attention by blinding everyone around.

But let’s start not from the general advises and analyzing its advantages and limits, but to talk straight about the pending lighting establishing on the suspended ceilings. It’s even doesn’t matter if we talk just about the ceiling above kitchen island or about the kitchen ceiling in general because it’s same. 

Well, it sounds really complicated when you think about it because even to establish the lighting fixture on the traditional concrete ceiling you need to have some special skills, but the suspended ceiling sounds really scary. But don’t worry because 80% is that you can do it. If you already have some skills you can establish the kitchen pending lighting fixture by drilling the small hole in the cloth of the suspended ceiling. Moreover if the ceiling has a frame structure you won’t even need the drilling because most of the times it already has the special fasteners. So as you see, it’s really not such a difficult process, but you should remember one thing that you should take into accounting is that the lighting element can be really easily heated up. The flexible cloth can really easily deform if you heat it up for more then 60 degrees and the incandescent lamp is rally able to do that so you should think about it before you establish that. The most optimal lamp power that can be used next to the suspended lighting is 35 W. So here we have the first advantage of the pending lighting fixtures that the pending keeps the lighting fixture far from the suspended ceiling so it doesn’t heat up or also you can use the few smaller pending lighting fixtures that can be same measured placed all above the kitchen island. It’s gonna low the lighting heating and will smoothly disperse the lighting. Also based on this conclusion we can say that it’s better if you use the closed pending lightings with the dull glass so the heating is close to minimal.


The pending lighting for kitchen island is a really popular and classical way for the perfect lighting of its surface. It’s good that it’s doesn’t need so much space, but besides it can light a really big area so you can admit that it’s really convenient. It’s can also fit the suspended ceilings because there is such a mass of the variants how to establish it under it.

5 advantages of the pending lighting fixtures above the kitchen island.

  • It’s easy to establish so you get a really big money economy.
  • You have a possibility to put the incandescent lamps into it.
  • Many variants of the design.
  • Electricity economy in the single lighting source.
  • A really low cost of the standard variants.

Moreover the pending lighting fixtures need much more less space then the chandeliers, and the decorative part is just a bit less powerful, because you still have a huge choice and many variants. Moreover the establishing is really easy as you don’t need to fix any huge constructions as it’s needed for the most types of the incandescent lamps all across the ceiling. And the base construction you can make even by yourself just having few skills.

4 limitations of the pending lighting for the kitchen island:

But we don’t finish because where we have the advantages we also have the limitations which are:

1) A really heavy caring process.

2) The high cost of the original materials.

3) A single lighting source.

4) The small practical use while having the low ceilings.

The pending lighting fixtures caring process is really not that easy if it has the complicated construction. Most of the times it has so many places you can’t easily reach, but need to remove the dust s often as it’s just possible that why it usually takes really much time.

How to choose the pending lighting fixture for the kitchen island.

Pending lighting is a really popular thing, but most of the times its used for the dining zones because it’s not really convenient to use it for the cooking zone. So if you decided to choose it for the kitchen island zone then you should pay your attention on the 5 following characteristics:

  • The technical characteristics (the type of the lamp and its power rating).
  • The size.
  • The pending type.
  • The design.
  • The lighting features.

The first paragraph is really important because it definitely determines  the power of the lighting source and let us understand how many of them we need. But it’s doesn’t mean that you should buy the way too powerful lighting fixtures that will blind you. The only exception is the  pendant lighting fixtures that have the power regulation systems.

Then we should find out about the size that we need, but this fact isn’t really that important and we should think about it only if we have the small area kitchens, but the compact lighting fixture will be invisible and won’t pay much attention on itself.

The pending type is also really important in the pending lighting fixture choosing for the kitchen island. Because this will definitely determinate the installation complexity and the ability to change the pending height. Moreover it should complete the way the whole construction looks like.

The ideas for the kitchen island pendant lighting.

Design – is one of the most important nuances you should pay your attention on while choosing this kind of the kitchen elements. If you choose the one just for the dining zone then it can be anything that is gonna fit the rest of the interior. But this solution doesn’t fit the kitchen island case, because for this you should better choose he more minimal and convenient variant. Moreover, design determines the features of the lighting and such nuances like the light intensity, it’s reflection and many more should be taken into accounting.

The good advice is not to neglect the variants which are kinda turned into the mass production. It’s doesn’t mean that is should be boring and you can easily find something really interesting. Just as it’s been really popular it came into the mess production as it usually happens.

The pendant lighting establishing.

This construction establishing has its own nuances. It getting fixed straight to the ceiling so the plafond should get remover before the establishing. The construction is getting fixed by some special mounts which you can buy in an any building shops or any other that are specialized on the lighting fixtures. This elements is nothing else, but a small hitch that is getting stalled into the ceiling and make the dense base for the fastener. The whole process can be described in the following 5 paragraphs:

  • The fastener element establishing.
  • The power wire linking.
  • The cloth establishing.
  • The locking ring installing and the hole drilling.
  • Switching and installing of the device.

The pendant lighting is a really good solution for the kitchen islands. It’s always actual and will provide you with the best quality of lighting. Also it’s gonna be perfect not just for the concrete ceiling, but also for the suspended one what is really convenient! So only you can decide to choose it or not!

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