Original antique kitchen island

Interior fashion, as well as fashionable clothes, so changeable that it is impossible to keep up with her. If you update a wardrobe each season is still possible, the newly renovated and new fashionable furniture for kitchen – too expensive. However, we can identify the main destinations in arrangement and design of modern cuisine, a very long time, and perhaps will never lose its relevance.

Lessons in the subtitle of the word can be regarded as the motto for those who want to make your kitchen a stylish, fashionable and modern. Today, most importantly, to the interior as much as possible match the tastes, habits and way of life owners. Therefore standard solutions are gradually becoming obsolete thing of the past.

Practical ways

If you want to get fancy kitchen interior, forget the finished furniture and create your own design project. It can make and a professional designer, but only on the basis of your wishes and requirements to the color, the style, the presence of certain equipment and its placement. Only in this case, regardless of the form and footage kitchen, it will easy for you and unique.

These planners are convenient because you can see how it will look in the finished interior of a particular color. You get the chance to play with the materials, textures, accessories, decor and ultimately choose the most worthy option.

Modern materials and methods for their treatment allows your hands to create a completely unique design: previously floors in the kitchen linoleum covered only, you can now choose from materials such as granite, quartz vinyl tiles, water resistant laminate flooring, parquet. With a variety of antique white kitchen island, find a suitable cover is not difficult. Note! One of the hottest trends today – zoning space cuisine different floor coverings. For example, in the work area can lay tile, and in the dining – solid wood.

Interesting ideas

The decoration of the walls of the kitchen lead materials such as washable wallpaper and wallpaper for painting, textured plaster. They are quite a high price is justified in the operation, as they are easy to care for, and the color painted or plastered walls can be easily changed without the need for full repairs. It is worth to highlight the portion of the walls in the working area of the kitchen the so-called apron. There is still in favor with ceramic tile, but it has become more interesting and varied, including the form. The most popular tile rectangular shape in the form of building blocks (“hog”), as well as tiles, imitating a mosaic. But the greatest scope for the manifestation of his personality give overthrown – panels of tempered glass with photo printing.

Thing of the past complex antique kitchen islands and multilevel ceilings. Although it is in the kitchen with their help, managed to create the most functional lighting. But the emergence of LED lamps and luminous tapes allows not regret it – now, instead of the built-in ceiling spotlights, you can use a hidden light. Watch the video of fashionable cuisines, you will see how you can arrange interesting and stylish space with LED strips mounted behind glass or on the bottom of the apron kitchen cabinets.

The most fashionable today can be considered the most functional kitchen furniture. The focus is on internal filling cabinets and proper organization of space. Swing doors are increasingly replaced by sliding, folding, lifting, folding systems. Modules for food storage and kitchen utensils are equipped with comfortable visits of mechanisms baskets and containers.

Good kitchen is easy!

It’s hard to say what style in the interior today is the most popular. The desire for individuality noticeable here: the modern kitchen meets the minimum performance as often as the luxurious palace interiors. But it is very much the desire to use natural materials, eco-style. Accordingly, less and less bright, causing the colors used in the design of the kitchen. Today the fashion color of the kitchen – the one that can be the backdrop for bright and stylish accents that can be changed. All the way in the house lead to the kitchen! It was there that runs most of the free time of our everyday life, where we cook, eat, and talk over a cup of tea. That is why the selection of colors for the kitchen – a very demanding task, because it is so important to establish where the most harmonious interior.

The main parameter when choosing a color palette are the dimensions of the room. This is due to the color of the ability to create the impression of expansion or reduction of space.

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