New kitchen inspiration designs

Such a tendency of using a lot of contemporary details started near the term of Second World War. The main features of such a style are using of geometric forms, minimum details, bright colours and forthright furniture.

1) the first idea is: Today the layout of the modern apartments and private houses involves the connection of a kitchen zone with dining room and living room. Sometimes the whole apartment is one big room-Studio, where  only the bathroom is isolated. In such cases, the use of modern high-tech kitchen appliances is inevitable – the extractor, for example, must be very powerful. And often this functional item becomes an art object with lots of creative details, paintings and even beads.

The urbanism of kitchen design of such spaces borders with futuristic minimalism. However, such facilities are not boring,  they are full of modern flavor, in spite of the primary functionality and ergonomics, interiors look good, even total use of modern materials for surface finishing and furniture production, don’t  stop the distant.

2) Today’s trend in kitchen design is the eco – style. Recently we can find today a lot of modern building materials and raw materials from which  we manufacture furniture and all kinds of accessories for the kitchen. Such materials perfectly mimic the natural originals, they are available in wide range of color palettes that can be executed in all sizes, textures and forms. But, often, the ecological characteristics of such raw materials leave much to be desired and pose a threat not only to people, but also to the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, the views of all designers in the world now facing technologies, recycling, renewable raw materials and use resins that do not contain netcomponents.

We think that when you add in the room even a small amount of natural materials – wood, stone, perhaps bamboo or natural textiles, «mood» of your kitchen instantly changes, making invisible thread, connecting us with the environment. A small piece of wooden floor or part of a wall of stone can turn your kitchen interior by adding to it a little natural warmth, wildness and enchantment. Even if the kitchen furniture is extremely simple and geometric, but is made from natural wood, the kitchen style and atmosphere will be very different, comfortable, inviting, conducive to relaxation.

3) Sometimes kitchen, especially in apartments, is a very small room where meanwhile it is necessary to equip with all the importance of incorporating functional and practical parts, not forgetting the aesthetics and attractive appearance.

All designers of the world, choosing a way of organizing small kitchen spaces, are resorting to light color palette. Often, this is the only way to expand the space, «push» the wall and «raise» the ceiling.

Sometimes a surface of kitchen furniture can be painted in bright colors, for making interior not so dull. The rich color of the cabinets and the presence of natural greenery, refresh and invigorate the general atmosphere of small kitchen.

The possibility to open large glass doors in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and possibly the living room, can boast only space of private homes. Not only rural but also many urban households in these days are equipped with the ability to eat virtually outdoors — in simple flats we use for this goal our balcony. In such a case the abundance of natural light penetrating through large sliding window-doors, involves the use of darker shades in the design of modern kitchen cabinet.


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