New colour trends in the kitchen 2016

Look through advice from expert concerning the latest, hot colours for the kitchen. Kitchen is considered to be the main place for people to gather together, that’s why pay attention to bright colours.  Leatrice Eiseman (Pantone Color Institute top director and one of the major forecasters in her area) believes that kitchen is, for sure, the main place for colours. She says: “To make energy high, one ought to mix colours, match them, as a kitchen is a room for gathering families”.

Beauty of boldness

The colour of devices is usually silver, black, or white, so you can make your kitchen brighter by adding colorful spots on something else. The New American Glamour writer, as well as a famous designer working with the Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg and a well-known singer Madonna, Jamie Drake, says that almost always there is minimal wall space in the kitchen, and  you can have a good area for putting bold colours, making a statement, but the space won’t be overpowered.

A Sherwin Williams senior designer says: “Dark cabinet colours are fashionable now and bold colours complement stainless steel. Widespread variants are the colours of Aztec clay: ginger, henna, copper”.

Jamie admits that bold colours are now appearing in the places where one can not expect them to be. For example, a bright red or burnt orange countertop may match a stainless steel sink, or you can see pink or chartreuse tiles together with cabinets of the coffee colour. Jamie explains that design with many colours is really popular nowadays, as people consider the kitchens of just one colour being flat.

Colours can reheat your kitchen

If you decide to add some colours, you shouldn’t understand being in a trap by doing this. Delicate colours are widespread, too, as they help to make the atmosphere more comfortable.

Leatrice, having a psychology and interior design knowledge, accounts that comforting and stimulating appetite warm hues like yellow, peach, red will remain popular. “Mixing colours in a new, creative way changes trends from year to year”.

Leatrice offers, for example, to change usual country colours in the kitchen to the pair of rural “tapenade” green and hints of “strawberry ice”. A traditional rural design will have a fresh look with the cold pink.

Another designer, Jarrett Hedborg, prefers softer, more calming colours of tobacco brown, gray-green, silver blue which you can find in nature. Jarrett, whose clients are Bette Midler, Jim Carey, admits: “For appending interest and deepness, I enjoy using natural cloths and textures like rattan or grass”.

Trends in colours are affected by the world market, too. An international, noncommercial organization consisting of more than one thousand professionals in design, the Color Marketing Group, suggests taking Indian calming orange and yellow colours because this country is becoming more and more powerful in the world. Thanks to the 2008 Olympic games held in Beijing, red colour goes on being hot.

Which colours are “out” of the kitchen? Jarrett admits that it’s better not to use the commercial ones – those you can meet in cafes and department store all the time. He says that they shun some words (e.g. Tuscan, Terracotta), as these colour combinations are cliches, they are done to death.

New bright hints

A mix of former popular  and latest fresh hints – 8 new colour palettes – were lately notified by Pantone. Further you can see some that are advised by Leatrice, if you are eager to have a splash of colours in your kitchen:

  1. Attrective modern country style that has calming combinations (soft green, bruschetta brown, warm golden) together with alive pink which you do not expect to appear.
  2. Your house will be filled with widely affluent, young, bizarre hints. Delicious mix of chocolate and daiquiri green, plenty of vivid tones as decorations – all of these are included in the palette.
  3. Ethnic chic. The latest degree of delicacy is achieved by using dim yellow with dense purple and stone gray, as well as by contrasting dark brown, life blue and burnt orange.
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