Modern Yellow Kitchens

What the yellow color is associated with? Sunlight, warmth, friendship and a good mood, it’s optimistic and energetic. But at the same time it’s one of the most dangerous choices, which quickly can become bored and starts be tiring. Therefore, it should be used in the right proportions, combinations and shades.

Also it’s the best color choice for small kitchens and that have the lack of lightning. Yellow color makes the surfaces or pieces of furniture bulkier, but “easier” at the same time. For example, the yellow kitchen will seem a little bigger than it actually is, but it does not seem to be very massive. If you hung lemon-colored wallpaper, it will visually expand the space and lift the ceiling.

Yellow is timeless color but also can be trendy; there are so many different shades – butter yellow, cream, light, lemon chiffon, gold, cyber yellow, olive, etc. But it’s better not to use yellow in the interior as the background and base color. It looks much more harmonious in the form of color accents of the decoration, dishes, and small items of furniture.

Yellow is quite practical, so work areas can be decorated with it – an apron or countertop. Besides, yellow apron visually makes a small or narrow kitchen a little wider. Warm yellow tones go well with warm orange, red, brown colors. And cold colors (e.g., lemon) should be combined with cold – blue, purple, grey, silver.

Rich and acid shades are suitable for modern kitchen interior. But remember the «golden rule»: the brighter the shade, the smaller the area occupied by it. If space allows, functionality and originality will add a yellow kitchen bar or an island. Suspended ceiling with additional lighting and soft illumination of individual elements of the kitchen in yellow tones make it light and airy.

Glass doors of the wall cabinets combined with wooden handles will fit perfectly into the design of black-and-yellow kitchen. The room will look unusual and restrained at the same time. Variants of this and other interesting combinations you can see in the gallery.

That was already told that the materials for surfaces should be chosen properly to avoid lots of dark stains and smudges. Kitchen of yellow color is an individual choice; the main thing for the owner is the coziness and comfort. Too wide variety of colors is harmful for the kitchen in yellow. Two or three shades are sufficient to avoid the feeling of bad taste and coarseness.

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