Modern Pink Kitchens

This color is romantic and sweet, the main associations are love and frivolity. It’s also the passion, but may look childish, so pink is rarely used as the dominating color in the kitchen design. It’s white and red in together in one, there are so many shades that give different impression – it can be nostalgic, energetic or elegant either.

Pink can have a tranquilizing effect; it reduces the energy and makes you feel calmer. Kitchen in pink color will surely be the playful and relaxing spot for spending here spare time with friends and family.

The design of the kitchen interior in pink should be careful, because the abundance of this color can spoil any room. To bring here more light and air, designers recommend adding to pink as the central the other shades. Among the most suitable are the following: traditional white, black, brown (chocolate), grey, steel and metallic.

If you just want to give a little brightness and freshen up your kitchen, there is a good way to add pink in a kitchen apron. This is especially effectively with pale facades of the kitchen cabinets. The apron will not look lonely or strange detail, if it is combined with any other accessory – curtains on the windows, for example.

Look at the pictures presented in the gallery – there are lots of interesting variants. Pink can also be practical color, this aspect can please each owner of such a kitchen space. It’s not easily soiled, especially bright shades. You just need to select material for furniture fronts properly; on these surfaces fingerprints and stains should be less noticeable.

Only pink color in the kitchen will depress, no matter how nice he is. Therefore, designers recommend using a combination of two basic hues. Grey and pink colour is a perfect combination. Pale pink and grey with a metallic effect will successfully decorate a modern kitchen.

Green and pale green color with pink is a bold combination. Remind of the natural colors, especially in spring. To maintain harmony in this kitchen, it is important to use this color just in a little space. For example, green cushions with rose pattern, green-white chandelier, ruffles or green stains on the curtains will be appropriate.

Of course modern style with its propensity for bright and saturated colors is perfect for pink. Add a little chrome, pink with metal shades or order the glossy facades. This kitchen is ideal for lovers of trendy innovations.

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