Modern Orange Kitchens

Orange color reminds us about joyful things, autumn and warm fire, citrus fruits and sunset. There can be different combinations with it, fresh and dynamic; this kitchen will give the atmosphere of friendliness and warmth. That is known orange stimulates an appetite and good mood. This is a place for friends and family meetings; everyone feels it in the air.

It’s not an aggressive color, but also not boring. These shades can’t evoke negative emotions, no matter how much of it is used. Orange kitchen helps to get rid of the blues, apathy, or seasonal depression. It’s always attractive and in trend. It makes a good mood from the beginning of the day.

Making orange color central, a balance should be met – if the kitchen cabinets are made in orange, for decoration of walls, floor and ceiling, it can’t be used. The walls and floor can be of any classic bright tones – ivory, milky, light gray, white, light green.

Orange kitchen looks not vulgar if the ceiling is painted in white (or close to it) color. Combination of orange and black is very stylish here.

The main attention should be paid to the decoration of the walls. If you want to get the orange surface decorated with paper or ceramic tiles, you need to choose contrasting furniture. In this case, the kitchen can be of white, milky, black, or gray tone.

Combine orange walls with peach, brown, yellow, white or gray base. A smooth transition from one tone to another will provide a harmonious and attractive interior design.

In the gallery you’ll see the examples of the kitchen design in orange; they recall more of a Tuscany kitchen feel. This is the warmth, vitality and sunshine. The main thing is the question of shades use, orange may be the one central color, but there also can be the contrasting ones.

Colors and tones of the most suitable countertops here are black, white, grey, and olive, cherry. Talking about the design elements – night curtains should be excluded. The blinds should be used light, loose, and translucent. Gas fabric fulfills these requirements completely.

For modern style rich and pure shades will fit great – orange, carrot, pumpkin, color of cinnabar. On the bright surfaces dark stains and smudges stand out visually, the cleaning and dusting should be enough. And don’t forget, in orange kitchen should be lots of light – natural and artificial. Use the floor lamps and other traditional elements in addition to chandeliers.

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