Modern Light Wood Kitchen Cabinets

It’s not only good looking and interesting variant for kitchen, but also practical. It’s clean and cheery; it gives the atmosphere of coziness and creates a place for family gatherings. Light wood is a classical choice; it doesn’t depend on the seasonal fashion tides. Look at the design solutions in the gallery and choose the best ones for you.

No matter what kind of kitchen you have – large, small, or average size, in all circumstances it can be turned into a cozy, warm, interesting and most importantly welcoming room. Below are selected photos of some kitchens with the use of natural light wood in the interior.

From the color scheme of the kitchen depends the mood and even the appetite. For decorating the walls, it is appropriate to use pastel, soothing colors – beige, coffee etc. Kitchen in natural light wood looks great in combination with metal and glass.

To make the interior of the kitchen different it is enough to change textiles. So the light colors are calming and bright – excitatory. Changing tablecloths, curtains, napkins will help the kitchen sparkle with new colors.

Generally light wood should be the central color, but you can make an experiment and combine it with the contrasting shade. Modern furniture design for the light wood kitchen is in such details as marble counter tops, metallic inserts, etc.

Walls can be decorated with wood panels, plastic wood or white plaster. The ceiling can be represented by beams or plastered in white like the walls; a coffered ceiling is also a good idea. As the flooring should be recommended parquet and ceramic “wood” tiles (ceramic flooring).

Light wood kitchen cabinets is a practical choice, they should require less frequent cleaning than dark wood kitchens, as the dust and crumbs are not so visible on these surfaces.

Small kitchen area substantially makes the owner feel uncomfortable. However, with wood you can correct the situation if you use light tones. Also the light colors must be in the decoration of the floor, walls and ceiling. Well exposed and enough lightning can improve the situation.

While planning the furniture arrangement, think of all the details. Dining and working areas should be separated. There shouldn’t be large pieces of furniture; all the elements of the cabinets should be small, and the appliances – built-in. All the furniture must be placed close to the walls, to form in the center a free space, mirror surfaces will help increasing the space visually.

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